Saturday, September 30, 2006

Massacre of the Innocents

This video is eighty five minutes in length. You can separate it into sections if your interest isn't significant enough to warrant eighty five minutes to the subject.

This is abortion: The video will allow you to view this graphic video. I would encourage people of a sensitive nature or people with children within viewing distance to use caution.

Friday, September 29, 2006

No pro-life in the liberal race

Bob Rae: As the NDP premier of Ontario from 1990 to 1995, Rae advanced a thoroughly left wing social agenda including an ambitious gay rights bill that was ultimately defeated. The radical legislation was opposed by nearly half his own caucus and it bitterly divided the party as it sought in 1994 – long before the gay agenda hit the political stage elsewhere in Canada – to grant everything short of marriage, including adoption rights, to homosexual couples. Furthermore, in 1994, Rae’s Minister of Justice, the radical feminist Marion Boyd, sought and obtained a “temporary” injunction to prevent pro-life witnessing within 60 feet of locations where abortions were committed; the “temporary” injunction is still in force some 12 years later. Rae is supported in his leadership bid by many of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s inner circle, including Rae’s brother John Rae, a top executive in Power Corp., the giant corporation owned by Paul Desmarais. Power Corp. is one of the many corporate homes of one-world government advocate Maurice Strong, and Desmarais has been connected to former prime ministers Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin.
Michael Ignatieff: Often styled as the next Pierre Trudeau, Ignatieff became the MP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore in 2006. During the campaign, he told an all-candidates meeting that “gay marriage is a fundamental issue of human equality and human dignity.” During the Liberal policy convention in March 2005, he praised Canada in general and the Liberal Party specifically for being in the vanguard of gay rights in pushing the redefinition of marriage through Parliament. Although he refused to respond to the CLC questionnaire, he told a CLC activist that abortion should be legal. Ignatieff is rumoured, like Rae (a university room-mate, coincidentally, but more recently on distant terms), to be supported by the Desmarais family.
Joe Volpe: Volpe, the long-time MP for the Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence, has indicated in the past that he was pro-life and pro-marriage, but his record and statements have been inconsistent. During the debate over Bill C-43 in 1989 and 1990, he indicated pro-life sentiments and he voted against the flawed abortion bill, but that he was uncomfortable being associated with the pro-life cause. In a 1998 vote on euthanasia, he was conspicuously absent. In 1999, he voted against using the notwithstanding clause to make the possession of child porn illegal. In 2003 and again during the 2004 election, Volpe spoke against same-sex ‘marriage’ but as a cabinet minister under Paul Martin, he voted for redefining marriage in 2005; he has told supporters that he will not flip-flop on the issue (again). He voted against C-13 (embryonic stem cell research and cloning) and C-250 (Svend Robinson’s hate crimes bill) but was absent on M-83 that would have forced the government to explore the medical necessity of abortion. He refused to respond to the 2006 CLC questionnaire. At the same time, Volpe is the only Liberal candidate to have voted the right way on three pro-life/pro-family bills and motions tracked by CLC.
Carolyn Bennett: A long-time MP from the Toronto riding of St. Paul’s, Bennett, a doctor, is an unceasing advocate of abortion and a supporter of gay rights. She voted for same-sex ‘marriage’ in 2005 and Svend Robinson’s hate crimes bill adding sexual orientation to a list of groups with special rights in law, in 2004. In 2003, she voted for Bill C-13, the Liberal government’s reproductive and experimental technologies bill that was ambiguous enough so as to have opened the door to embryonic stem cell research. Twice she has voted against bills/motions seeking to lower the age of sexual consent. In May of this year, she co-hosted a press conference announcing the creation of a pro-abortion outreach program in conjunction with the American group, the National Abortion Federation.
Gerard Kennedy: When Kennedy ran for the Ontario Liberal leadership in 1996, CLC rated him “opposed to abortion” but supportive of abortion funding through OHIP. At the time, The Interim reported that he preferred to tackle the “root causes” of abortion, namely poverty. Also, in 1996, he voted against Bill 91, which would have provided parental consultation for minors seeking medical treatment (including abortions). At meetings with pro-lifers in the late 1990s he indicated that he was open to conscience protection for healthcare workers and for informed consent for women seeking abortions, but as the Liberal Health critic, he never pressed the issues. At Queen’s Park, he has repeatedly supported gay rights and as early as 1996 he was praised by the homosexualist newspaper, Xtra! for his support of common-law ‘marriage’ and adoption rights for homosexual couples.
Ken Dryden: In 2004, former Montreal Canadiens goaltending great Ken Dryden was a star candidate for the Liberals and easily elected in the Toronto riding of York-Centre. He was promptly made Minister of Social Development, a tailor-made cabinet post where his primary responsibility was the creation of a national daycare scheme. Unable to obtain an agreement for a national program with all the premiers, he worked out a number of deals with individual provinces. He has sent signals that not only does he favour a universal daycare program but, more alarmingly, that such childcare arrangements are superior in terms of child development compared to having a parent stay at home to raise a child or for children to be taken care of by family or close friends. In other words, he is a pro-daycare ideologue and is taking a dangerous anti-family position that he has made a centerpiece of his leadership campaign. In 2005, Dryden voted for same-sex ‘marriage’ and he is believed to support abortion although he has refused to answer the CLC questionnaire.
Scott Brison: Brison is an openly homosexual MP from Kings-Hants (Nova Scotia) who left the Progressive Conservative Party when it merged with the Canadian Alliance citing the “extreme” social conservatism of some of his new colleagues; strangely, he supported the merger but on December 10, 2003, he crossed the floor and on December 12 he was named parliamentary secretary in Paul Martin’s new government and six months later was named to cabinet. He supports same-sex ‘marriage,’ the inclusion of homosexuals under special hate crimes protections, universal daycare and embryonic stem cell research. He has publicly stated he supports abortion and even voted against M-83, a motion that would have forced the government to examine whether abortion is medically necessary. He has also stated he supports euthanasia. Many pro-family advocates are concerned that he will become a more visible advocate of the gay agenda.
Stephan Dion: The MP from Saint-Laurent-Cartierville, Dion is the only candidate from Quebec. He has never responded to a CLC questionnaire but supported the Liberal government’s bills legalizing embryonic stem cell research and same-sex ‘marriage’ and seems to support the Martin-Dryden universal daycare initiative.
Martha Hall Findlay: Considered a fringe candidate, the Toronto lawyer lost as a Liberal candidate against Belinda Stronach when the millionairess ran as a Conservative in Newmarket-Aurora in 2004. Hall Findlay refused to answer the CLC questionnaire in 2004 but sent a letter stating that she was pro-abortion. Hall Findlay was slated to be the Liberal candidate in the last election but was pushed aside when Stronach crossed the floor and joined Martin’s cabinet.
Hedy Fry: A radical feminist from Vancouver Centre, Fry is a long-time advocate of abortion, same-sex ‘marriage’ and other anti-life/anti-family policies. On the seven votes since 2002 that CLC has tracked on life and family issues, Fry has voted the wrong way every time. She also supports the legalization of prostitution.
Conclusion: Considering the dearth of principled leadership from this sorry bunch of candidates and the fact that there is no clear front-runner, a last-minute entry willing to stand up for the sanctity of human life and the defense of real marriage could have a chance to win and lead the party in the next election. Considering, also, that polls show the Canadian population deeply divided on social issues, there is room for a pro-life and pro-family leader and party to capture a significant portion of the electorate. Alas, no candidate seems to be forthcoming. In the meantime, we pray that regardless of who becomes leader, the party abandons its hardline anti-life and anti-family policies of recent years as espoused by its leaders and, for the most part, pliantly followed by the majority within caucus.
We hope that there are more MPs among the Liberals like Tom Wappel, Paul Szabo and Dan McTeague who will stand up for life and family values. Their voices are needed more than ever as the Liberals, whether they are in government or opposition, need a moral compass. Sadly, the direction the ten leadership candidates are set to take will lead the Liberal party further on its downward moral spiral. The party faithful and Canada deserve better.

Tories kill unborn victims bill

Olivia Talbot, this beautiful mother and her child were murdered in Edmonton. Olivia answered the door and was murdered by an acquaintance. Her son died as well. The father of the baby and the baby's grandmother have been left with the despair of burying two members of their family.

Olivia's mother came to Ottawa to speak on behalf of Mr. Benoit's private member bill to promote justice for unborn children and their families when a crime led to the death of a child in utero. Mr. Harper, Mr. Toews, and other Conservatives are accused of not wanted that bill to see the light of day because of the potential for it to be tied to the abortion issue. It appears that they orchestrated behind the scene efforts to ensure that Mrs. Talbot's advocacy efforts would be unsuccessful.

Tories kill unborn victims bill In the July CLC National News, we reported how it appeared that the Prime Minister’s Office interfered in the decision by a parliamentary subcommittee to deem unvotable a private member’s bill that would have accorded unborn babies rights under the criminal code when their mothers were victims of a violent crime. We reported that Stephen Harper did not want to touch the “abortion issue” and that political interference probably killed the bill, although this was not an abortion issue.

On August 8, the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen confirmed our suspicions when they reported that C-291, an unborn victims of violence bill introduced by Conservative MP Leon Benoit, was killed in committee in June following the interference of Stephen Harper’s PMO. A Freedom of Information enquiry by CanWest reporter Peter O’Neill revealed that Justice Minister Vic Toews was warned in an unsigned briefing note on C-291 from government bureaucrats that, “Any change to the definition of a ‘human being’ in the Criminal Code could have the effect of criminalizing abortion.” That is blatantly untrue: the bill would apply in the case of violence committed against an unborn child only during the commission of a crime of violence against the mother of the unborn child; and the bill did not change the definition of human being, in fact stating “It is not a defence … that … the child is not a human being”.
O’Neill reports that the note from the government bureaucrat also stated, “The government has no plans to propose any reforms in this area of the law.” O’Neill links the latter sentence to Harper’s Jan. 17 statement, “I’ll use whatever influence I have in Parliament to be sure that such a matter doesn’t come to a vote.” Toews sent a letter to the parliamentary subcommittee that subsequently declared the bill unvotable and claiming the bill to be unconstitutional, but did not mention abortion. O’Neill reports that the briefing note provided lines of argument without reference to abortion, to be used by the minister in case he was asked about the bill. Since when is it the responsibility of government bureaucrats, paid with taxpayers’ dollars, to give politicians political (as opposed to policy) advice.
Campaign Life Coalition National Organizer Mary Ellen Douglas labeled the Conservatives’ actions “devious.” “It’s all Harper pulling strings,” Douglas told the Post explaining that Harper is trying to have it both ways in trying to keep his socially conservative base on board while maintaining his campaign promise to use all his power as prime minister to prevent a vote on any abortion-related legislation.
Yet, C-291 is not about abortion but about providing justice for victims of crime. C-291 addresses the legal discrimination against unborn murder victims and their families who have no recourse in law for the loss of their loved ones. Such is the status of the unborn in Canada where the law treats them as non-entities –an injustice that must end.

I sincerely hope that those who are pro-life will remember this at the time they are casting their next ballot.

Forced abortions is a free brochure that talks about abortions that are forced in the USA.

The recent case of the parents who are in favour of abortion access who drove their teenage daughter to another state for an abortion which was against her wishes and the case of the Georgia mother who was arrested for giving her pregnant daughter turpentine and forcing her to drink it are not isolated.

To remind those who haven't followed the parents who are in favour of abortion have been charged with kidnapping on allegations that they bound their adult daughter, held her at gunpoint, and put her in the car for a trip to New York to have the procedure performed. On a rest stop the young woman was able to contact the police. They face up to 30 years in prison. I hope they get the full sentence.

Dr. David Reardon is an author or co-author of studies that highlight the amount of pressure that expectant mothers often face. 64 percent of women who end their pregnancies do so with pressure from others being a key reason. He has done a special research project that focuses on mothers who face violence when they refuse to abort. Women who are pressured, threatened, or subjected to violence are not unusual. The intense pressure, abandonment, lack of support, or emotional blackmail are all outlined by him. He talks about how the whole concept of choice really is questioned when there is such pressure.

This research has led to legislation requiring abortion businesses and health care providers screen women for evidence of coercion or pressure to abort and to direct them to people and resource that can help them. Michigan is the first state to look seriously at this.

Abortion clinics and abortion rights advocates are against the bills that would speak to forced abortion. I have not yet read their direct reasons for being in opposition.

I hope that those who are pro-choice recognize that that decision is often made when the mother feels that she has no other choice. I also hope that those who are pro-life realize the tremendous need for the pro-life to be seen as a valuable resource to people.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When a minor is pregnant...,CST-NWS-minor27.article

WASHINGTON -- Accompanying a minor across a state line to obtain an abortion and avoid parental notification in the girl's home state would become a federal crime under a bill the House passed Tuesday.
Republican supporters said the 264-153 vote confirmed public sentiment that parental involvement superseded a minor's right to have an abortion. Democratic opponents foresaw the arrests of grandmothers and religious counselors trying to shield girls from abusive parents.
Chances are slim that the House and the Senate, which approved a more limited version of the bill in July, will devise a compromise they can send to the president before the end of this Congress.
But the House vote gives House conservatives something to showcase when they return home next week to campaign for the midterm elections.
''It protects minors from exploitation from the abortion industry, it promotes strong family ties and it helps foster respect for state laws,'' said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.).
The person transporting the minor across state lines would be subject to a $100,000 fine or one year in jail or both. About half the states have some kind of parental involvement law.
''Not since the enactment of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850 have we used the powers of the federal government to enforce the laws of one state on the territory of another,'' said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), a leading opponent.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teen forced to drink turpentine to induce abortion

Police: Teen Forced to Drink Turpentine to Induce Abortion
Police in Columbus, Georgia, say a 16-year-old girl was forced to drink turpentine in an attempt to induce an abortion. The girl's mother and two cousins are accused of making her do it. They have been charged with criminal abortion and face up to ten years in prison if convicted.
The teen is three months pregnant. Investigators don't know whether the turpentine hurt her or the fetus.
Police say there's no medical evidence that would indicate that ingesting turpentine could cause an abortion. Still, they say it's not a good idea to drink it.
Police say the women might have wanted the girl to have an abortion because she has an unrelated health problem that could be made worse in pregnancy. They say she also apparently got pregnant during a sexual assault.
(Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

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Planned Parenthood: Margaret Sanger or Tom Metzger?

The Truth About Margaret Sanger: Who Said It - - Margaret Sanger or Tom Metzger?

Thank you to this gentleman for blogging about this important topic. I challenge everyone to take the quiz!!

What do progressive and traditionists have in common? VIEWS ON FEMINISM! suggested establishing a list of bloggers from any community who are willing to write a post listing "5 things feminism did for me this week". I can't find too many examples of progressive people that had the capacity to find even five things that feminism did for them. They didn't have a good word to say! That also appears to be the case with more traditional bloggers! That irony was also not lost on

Looking around the blogosphere his idea seems to have caught on!

Dust my broom was the first person, I believe, to take off with the idea

Interesting paradox where someone can state such poignant material but on the other hand publicly make a case for assaulting a woman. How progressive. Today must be Jeff’s day ( Drift, Anyone know what that's about?)

Raskoinikov said:

1. Prove beyond a doubt that reason and logic have absolutely no business in our current intellectual milieu
2. made me feel proud to be a man
3. ruined at least two relationships, and one university class (Intro To Criminology taught by a female grad student with a fuller goattee than mine who made no attempt to hide the fact she was replacing a general syllabus with one devoted to radical fem interpretations)
4. made me proud to be conservative
5. forced christina hoff-sommers to share her wonderful, sane view of the world and remind us that intelligent and rational women still exist

Joanne C said:

5 Things Feminism Did for Me:
1. Made sure that as a single earner family raising young children, we bore a disproportionate amount of taxes compared with dual-earning families.
2. Made sure that as a stay-at-home Mom my perceived value to society was placed somewhere below that of canines.
3. Made sure that the rights of unborn children were placed below those of all animals.
4. Made sure that when attending university I was force-fed a skewed world view that took years to deprogram.
5. Tirelessly pushed their agenda to the extent that any objection was reason for accusations of discrimination and bigotry, thus working to take away freedom of speech in Canada.

Been around the Block said:
1. Duped me for ten years, beginning at university, into the dystopia of trying to be “equal” to men, by living as hard and fast as some of them: unhappy, unhealthy place for women.
2. Made me into a militant stay-at-home mom.
3. Made me an activist in trying to get the government to see how lop-sided and unfair their taxation policies were towards families with a stay-at-home parent to care for their kids: equal pay for kids of equal value. Tough sell, given all the feminists in the government.
4. Made me realize that this idea that women are better than men–for, unmasked, that’s the radical feminazi agenda in academe, the media, and government–is a crock. Made me very distrustful of women who claw their way to the top, convinced that they are “entitled.”
5. That because kids, more than anything else, need a consisently caring and available adult to help them through the first years, the one agenda concerning their care that’s going to result in an epidemic of neglected kids and Clockwork Orange is the feminists’ blueprint for daycare: universal, government-funded (read: our taxes) holding tanks for kids.


1. Made sure that my unborn childern did not receive legal protection from criminals.
2. Shut me out from having any voice on women’s issues, based simply on the fact that I don’t toe the feminist line. Then the feminists turn around and claim to speak for me.
3. Pushed for a tax-paid childcare system in Quebec that I never got to use in the two years I was there because the waiting lists were so long. And even if I had gotten a phone call, since my schedule was not 9-5 would have been useless to me
.4. Has completely screwed up the Catholic Church, so that now in every theology faculty trying to shove their dissenting views down the throats of faithful Catholics
.5. It has propagated the idea that a stay-at-home wife is a useless woman who is wasting her life and talents taking care of her kids. When people hear I’m a stay-at-home wife, they have no idea of all the intellectual pursuits I have– because stay-at-home moms are naturally stupid, wouldn’t you know

Dianne from Family Matters

Tory Canuck 1.Committed the mass genocide of unborn babies
2.Muzzled those who don't give a shit about their agenda-that means evryone not on their organizations' payrolls.
3.Supported a piece of crap system of institutionalized childcare that is rendered useless by most families.
4.Screwed over christians by tryin to stick their views that nobody really gives a rats ass about, down our throats.
5.Called stay at home mothers stupid for carin for their kids-I think these feminists are stupid for even believing such a thing about people who care more about their families than the almighty dollar.

Sara from

What Fake Feminists have done for me:NOTHING!!!!!What Fake Feminists have done to me:1. A fake feminist has forced the tax system to be individual so I cannot split my husbands income, therefore leaves me with nothing while I am married.2. A fake feminist will pay me to leave my children.3. A fake feminst has used my tax dollars to support a childcare system that discriminates against me as a mom at home.4. A fake feminist once told me "what do you care anyway, you don't pay taxes".5. A fake feminist made me fight them, to be true to all women.

And Angela Messenger

1. Feminism has taught me that it's OK to give my body (a temple of the Holy Spirit) to whomever I want so that I can have sex whenever I want.
2. Feminism has taught me that it's OK to pump my body full of toxic chemicals so that my body cannot perform naturally by getting pregnant when I have sex with whomever I want (well, if he's male anyway...)
3. Feminism has taught me that if I do get pregnant when my toxic birth control fails that it's OK for me to scrape the parasitic contents of my uterus down a drain somewhere, preferably in a "safe, clean abortion mill."
4. Feminism has taught me that it's OK for me to "do it" to myself when nobody is around for sex because why would I want to practice self control????? I mean, I don't practice deferred gratification in any other part of my life so why start now? Right? Right???!!!????
5. Feminism has taught me that I am better than a man. Uh...but it also taught me I am exactly the same. That must be why at 42 I am growing a moustache and have hairy legs, right?! But why would I want to be equal to a man? They are nothing but sex-obsessed oppressive losers. Wait, this whole blog entry has been obsessed with sex.Oh my....if I am a feminist....I am a loser............(sob!)

So I have learned something today...while I knew that many traditional women had nothing good to say about feminism it was great to read the "five things" lists....but what I truly learned is that when progressives are called to action to speak up and defend feminism....they don't have anything good to say either.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Life Is Beautiful

A pro-life man running for congress.
Genocide Awareness Project

Prolifers in Oklahoma. Graphic photos.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Phil Keaggy and prolife message

A prolife message.
Happy Birthday

A bit corny and not my favourite kind of music.
A beautiful true story of a premature baby

A beautiful little girl named Dana was born at 24 weeks. Here is her journey.
Choose Life

Very graphic photographs of late term abortions. Extreme caution.
A prolife video

Some photos are graphic

Three things about feminism

In recognition of some of the controversies that have surrounded recent funding dates I've been reflecting on the whole issue of feminism and am encouraging those who are involved in this whole debate to answer some interesting questions for themselves

Three things that feminism have done to hurt society:

1) Promoting abortion
2) Creating an atmosphere where women making different life choices around marriage, childbirth, employment, etc are fighting with each other. There is a great culture of hostility where women who make more traditional choices are mocked and jeered at.
3) Intensifying an environment where there are hostilities between men and women.

Three myths that feminism has created that should be disspelled:

1) That feminists speak for all women.
2) That the values and practices of men are more worthy than women and should become our goals.
3) That we live in a patriarchial society.

The experiences of mothers who aborted.
A pro-life video.

An anti-abortion prolife video.
Why did you kill me mommy?

This is a video done by people who are pro-choice. Highly warped.

Murder-Suicide after abortion,0,1462825.story?coll=sfla-news-broward tells the story of a young mother who committed a horrible double crime following a crisis pregnancy and an abortion.

PLANTATION ·An enraged police officer who fatally shot her boyfriend, then turned the gun on herself, might have been upset about their decision to abort their baby a few weeks earlier, a witness told detectives.Plantation Police Officer Laura Grunas argued with her boyfriend Robert Peat on Aug. 4, and police had to tell her to leave his Plantation home. When she returned a short time later that night, Grunas killed Peat and committed suicide, police said.
Peat's friend, Plantation reserve police officer and volunteer firefighter Michael Roth, witnessed the argument and was present when Grunas came back to the house, investigators said.According to Roth's statement to police, Grunas asked Roth "Did he tell you about killing my baby?"Plantation Detective Brian Kendall's final nine-page report obtained by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Thursday said: "Roth advised that Peat had told him that when they found out she was pregnant, they decided to terminate the pregnancy. Peat was enormously upset about it due to religious beliefs, but felt that it was the right thing to do."Kendall's report closes the case.Roth said Peat had told him that since the abortion things had been getting progressively worse. Peat even had to replace his front door either the day of the shooting or the day before because they had a fight and she kicked it in, Roth told police.Peat, 31, had been a firefighter at Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue since 2000 and a Plantation volunteer firefighter for a decade.On Aug. 4, after Grunas, 30, had been ordered to leave the home, Peat wanted Roth to stay because he didn't want to be alone, Roth told detectives.Roth said he urged his friend to get a restraining order and "30 seconds after I tried to make that suggestion, his phone started ringing. ... And then she started banging on the front door."Grunas shot her way into Peat's home through the sliding glass door with her police-issued Smith & Wesson, according to Kendall's report.Roth said he "jumped onto the kitchen floor" and Grunas entered. She asked where Peat was.Roth told detectives that he told her he was trying to help them, "and I just ran through what was left of the sliding glass door and jumped a fence ... and ran until I had no more energy to run anymore, and then I hid in some trees and I called 911."Roth could not be reached Thursday for comment at the fire station. Plantation Fire-Rescue spokesman Joel Gordon said Roth was tending to personal matters and would not be available.

Pro-life Scholarship

For those looking at needing financial aid for their studies....

TORONTO, Ontario, September 22, 2006 ( - The Interim newspaper and Niagara Region Right to Life are co-sponsoring the Father Ted Scholarship Program again this year. The purpose of the program is to encourage young people to learn about pro-life issues, the pro-life movement and to become actively involved in its programs.
The program offers three prizes of $1,000 this year with the recipients being determined by a committee, whose decision is final.
The student must submit a typed original essay, (approximately 800-1000 words in length) postmarkedno later than December 8, 2006 on the topic: “Is abortion the most important human rights issue of our day?”
Eligible essays will be assessed by the panel by January 15, 2007. The winners will be declared by February 1, 2007.
Eligibility for the scholarship1. Be senior high school students (grade 11 or 12)2. Submit one letter of reference, from a school staff member or community representative3. Provide a brief self-profile outlining participation in school life/community activities and a descriptionof their interest/involvement in the pro-life causeFor the application form please go to the interim site.

Friday, September 22, 2006

South Dakota State Sen. Bill Napoli

A Senator discussing the South Dakota Law. I am very saddened by his presentation.
Christine of blogged about an interesting event which was an abortion clinic that was sued for mis representing themselves as a pro-life clinic.

Yesterday, Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers filed suit against "Dr. Emily's" abortion clinic with sites in the Bronx and downtown Brooklyn citing evidence of deceptive advertising practices."EMC is taking the lead in countering a truly deceptive abortion advertiser which pretends to be an alternative to abortion agency advertising under pro-life ad categories in New York City yellow pages," said Chris Slattery, founder and president of EMC, operator of 15 pro-life crisis pregnancy counseling centers and medical clinics in New York City and suburbs."To aggressively compete against pro-life centers, we're seen three NY abortion clinics pose as alternative centers to lure confused women who might be seeking help and support, into abortion clinics to possibly undergo abortions they may not want," Slattery added."In a year when unfounded charges of deceptive advertising are flying against pro-life alternative to abortion groups from abortion industry advocates like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the National Abortion Federation, we filed a sixteen-count complaint supported by affidavits alleging deceptive acts and practices in the conduct of an abortion clinic's business in violation of N.Y. General Business Law 349," Slattery said.EMC is seeking an order from the New York Satte Supreme Court in Westchester County preliminarily enjoining the defendant from submitting any "Abortion Alternatives" advertising and compelling it to withdraw any such advertising it may already have submitted. EMC also seeks, at the conclusion of the case, a permanent injunction and the damages that are statutorily authorized.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Attack by an abortion rights advocate on a prolife person

The man in this video speaks quite coarsely so be forewarned.

Lifesite draws attention to a website that contains information on the pro-choice movement and violent tendencies. The website is

I believe that it's perfectly fair to draw attention to the unprovoked attack against Rose who was simply carrying a sign and engaged in conversation. The person that came up behind her, knocked her to the ground, cursed her out, and tore off with the sign wasn't a patient who needs to be given more patience given the crisis that she is facing - this was an individual who doesn't appear to be a patient that made a calculated planned decision.

880 homicides and other killings

At the same time I don't believe that every crime committed by a person who is pro-choice when it's unrelated to their role in providing abortion services really belongs. The site doesn't appear to have done that with pro-life people so it looks a bit lop sided as a result.The exception I would make to the practice of only counting the crime if it relates to their role in providing abortion family violence or rape or crimes against women.... it is rather ridiculous to frame a man involved in the abortion rights movement any kind of "hero for women" if he's pounding on his bride at home. Every shoplifting crime doesn't need referenced though because they are pro-choice.

They do have an interesting little quiz on the site and they offer a free CD to those who are wanting to acquaint themselves with the perspective of those who believe that the pro-choice is disproportionately more violent.

"I was told my baby would not live"

I recently graduated from Augustana College, in Sioux Falls. When I was a sophomore there I got pregnant. My boyfriend and I broke up before I even knew I was pregnant.
After months of struggling through denial and feeling terrified about the thought of having an abortion, I finally realized that I had to take responsibility for the situation I was in.
When I was about 6 months pregnant I finally went to the doctor and told my family and all my friends. The day of my first ultrasound I was sent straight to a specialist and was given an amniocentesis. The doctors recommended that I terminate the pregnancy, and informed me that if I went into labor they would do nothing to stop it because I was at the point of viability.
I chose not to have an abortion because I had already done the hardest part and that was admitting that what was growing and living inside me was a baby, my baby. I went the next three months knowing that at any second my baby could die inside me and that I would probably never see her alive.
Her cerebral cortex never formed and her condition was termed "incompatible with life." The doctors said that she wouldn't make it through labor and that if she did she would only live for a couple hours, maybe a few days at most.
My daughter was born May 26, 2004 and her name was Lily Kay Rieman. That day I watched her take her first breath and 32 days later I held her as she took her last. Lily was a fighter and surpassed all the doctors’ expectations. She was a complete blessing and I would not trade anything in the world for what I received from not having aborted terminated my pregnancy. I got to hold her and love her, she was real to me and I have memories of her that can never be taken from me even though she is now gone.
I can live with myself knowing that I gave my daughter a chance. My daughter wasn't perfect; no child is. But she deserved the same chance as any other child to live and be loved. We can not be the ones to choose who gets that chance and who doesn't. Every life is special no matter how long or short it is.

"I love my baby conceived from rape"

Two years ago I was raped. After a couple of phone calls to a priest and a counselor my friend drove me to the Emergency Room where I had a rape kit done. I was quickly offered the “morning-after pill,” but I declined it. Although I knew very little about the pill itself, I did know that I believed that life begins at conception and anything that would prevent a life from forming was not something I wanted to take.
Two weeks later it was confirmed that I was pregnant as a result of the rape. At this time the authorities had contacted the man who raped me and he denied any contact with me. He has since been convicted of 2nd degree rape on three counts. He signed over his parental rights and was sentenced to six years in prison.
My family, especially my parents, was very supportive towards my decision to give birth to a beautiful baby girl whom I named Maria Grace. She is named after Mary and St. Maria Goretti.
Although the situation was one of the most trying times of my life, I would do it all over again just to have one glimpse of my daughter.
Some people struggle with the abortion ban because they feel it has no compassion for rape victims. I am here to say that true compassion does not come from the choice to kill, but in the right to life. I chose life for my baby and I am convinced that she was meant to be here. There would be no one who could look her in the eyes and believe that she doesn’t deserve life due to the choice of a man we never even knew.
Maria is now fifteen months old and loving life. She is happy, confident, and the mischievous look in her big brown eyes lets me know she is very thankful to be alive

Monday, September 18, 2006,2933,214249,00.html

Anti-abortion activists say they've got another arrow in their quiver to use against what they believe is the murder of unborn babies: A handshake with a real-estate agent.
They've discovered that one of the best ways to shut down an abortion clinic is to buy the building in which it's located.
"With civil disobedience we might be successful at closing an abortion clinic for of couple hours a day, but the tactics we're using now permanently close the abortion clinics," said Cheryl Sullenger, spokeswoman for the anti-abortion group
Operation Rescue. "It's much more effective, and we don't have to go to jail and wear handcuffs, so we're liking this much better."
On June 28, Operation Rescue bought a piece of property in Wichita, Kan., where it is based, to eventually be used as the group's new headquarters. But the spot it chose was no random parcel of land; the site had been leased to an abortion clinic since 1983.
"We found out from our realty agent that the building that housed the local abortion clinic was up for sale," Sullengberg said. "After the offer was put down for the building, the abortion clinic had indicated that they were maybe thinking of closing, and they came to us to see if they could maintain the tenancy of the building."

They have to be awfully dense people to think that the pro-life movement is going to offer them ongoing tenancy.

Unsurprisingly, Operation Rescue turned them down, she said. The clinic, Central Women's Services, left, and the land became the property of the anti-abortion group for $112,000. They plan to make part of the one-story, 2,100-square-foot site into "a memorial for the babies that died there," Sullenberg said. Operation Rescue has already been holding tours of what it says were the previous occupant's unhygienic conditions.
But the greatest legacy of the real-estate sale may be that Operation Rescue claims to have opened up a new front in the war against a legal practice it sees as morally indefensible.
"It's a wonderful thing," Sullenberg said. "Most abortion clinics are not wanted in their neighborhoods. Communities just don't want abortion clinics operating in their neighborhoods."
Other anti-abortion groups have claimed similar victories.
In 1993, an anti-abortion group bought Tennessee's Chattanooga Women's Clinic in bankruptcy court for $294,000. It's now the National Memorial for the Unborn. In 2000 in Bellevue, Neb., anti-abortion activists, including a state senator, bought the land that held the Bellevue Clinic, which was run by Leroy Carhart — the same doctor whose name graces the landmark abortion-rights case, Stenberg v. Carhart. They were unable to evict Cahart because his contract specified that he had right of first refusal; the anti-abortion activists were forced to give ownership of the property to Carhart in 2003.
And it's already common practice to buy or lease property near abortion clinics, then use them to house anti-abortion pregnancy counseling centers, often with names like "A Better Choice," or something that could mistaken for an abortion provider.
"We've got places pretending to be abortion-type clinics and they're actually pro-life," said Mark Pederson, office manager for the abortion clinic,
Aid for Women, of Kansas City, Kan. "There's even a place right next to us called the Pregnancy Resource Center or something."
Similar tactics have proliferated on the Internet, where anti-abortion groups buy up Web addresses similar to those of abortion providers or abortion-rights groups, then use them to lead to Web pages with anti-abortion materials.
"Our idea is to change the hearts and and minds of people about abortion," said Ann Scheidler, executive director of the Chicago-based
Pro-Life Action League. "Ideally, we'd like to see all of the abortion clinics close and nobody seeking abortions, but as abortion clinics do close, women still do need services to carry their babies to term and realize that the life is a blessing to them."
But many questioned how effective the Wichita buyout was, or whether it was even really a buyout.
According to Pederson, whose office provided doctors for the Wichita clinic, Central Women's Services had already decided to pack up well before Operation Rescue bought the property, not because of any pressure from anti-abortion groups but because it hadn't made enough money over the winter to keep up with the bills. The last abortion took place in May, and the space was mostly empty by the time of the sale, Pederson said.
"How do you evict someone when they were already gone?" he asked.
It also didn't rid Wichita of abortion clinics. The Central Women's Services business and its equipment were bought by the other abortion provider in the city on June 1 nearly four weeks before the land sale. Pederson said Operation Rescue is calling it a victory for one simple reason: Publicity.
"They're desperate for publicity," Pederson said. "Why do they drive around with big old trucks now with the abortion stuff on it? Because they're not getting the attention they hoped, they're not blowing up clinics as much, they're not doing blockades like they used to in the '80s with 30 people chained to the clinic or whatever. It's the start of a publicity campaign. It's just a fund-raising tactic."
And funds would be exactly what anti-abortion groups would need to actually try to use real-estate buyouts as a regular tactic, according to Vicki Saporta, president of the
National Abortion Federation, a Washington, D.C.-based abortion-rights organization.
"This is not a trend and this is not a strategy that they've employed successfully," she said. "I'm not sure they have the resources to effectively carry out that strategy throughout the United States or that clinics wouldn't be protected under the leases that they've already signed."
Even other anti-abortion groups expressed skepticism about how practical Operation Rescue's move could be on a larger scale.
"It's a great strategy if you can come up with the money to do it, but that would probably be a great stumbling block, because most pro-life groups are pretty close to the line and don't have much money left over, and property's expensive," Scheidler said. "I don't think you could buy them all and put them out of business that way. If there are women who still want abortions, they'll go elsewhere. The pro-life movement has to continue to sidewalk counsel, picket abortion clinics and raise public awareness about what abortion really is."
Sullenger stuck to her guns, however, and said that buying out the property abortion clinics stand on would be the weapon of choice for future anti-abortion activists.
"Well, it keeps us out of jail, for one thing," she said, laughing.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Today marks the 26th anniversary of the Terry Fox run.

Terry Fox died before I was born but I remember hearing about him during my childhood and later on.

We lost my sister to breast cancer in her early 20's. Cancer touches so many families. 1/3 of Canadians will have cancer.

Remember Terry and donate monies today.

Welcome to South Dakota!!

A threatened tourism boycott of South Dakota over new state law that bans nearly all abortions has had little effect on travel, officials said. "I think what we're seeing is that despite the worry people had about the boycott, we haven't seen that it's had an impact on travel in South Dakota," said the state's tourism director, Billie Jo Waara. Tourism is the state's second largest industry, behind agriculture, as millions flock each year to see Mount Rushmore and the Badlands. It brought in an estimated $809 million last year. Waara said revenues from the two main taxes used to measure travel activity were both substantially higher for June and July than they were last year. Revenues from a special tax on tourism attractions were up 8.5 percent in June and 7.3 percent in July, and revenues from a tax on Deadwood casinos were up 7.4 percent in June and 2.1 in July. But Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Women's Medical Fund Inc., a Wisconsin abortion rights group that called for the boycott, said she distrusts the claims. "I have no hard statistics for you on our boycott, but I know people are boycotting South Dakota," Gaylor said. "They may be putting on a rosy front, but there has to have been damage." Gaylor's group called the boycott to protest a law passed in March that would ban all abortions except to save a woman's life, with no exceptions for rape and incest. The Legislature passed it to prompt a court challenge aimed at giving the U.S. Supreme Court an opportunity to overturn its 1973 Roe. v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. The state government was flooded with an estimated 10,000 calls, e-mails and letters protesting the bill in a two-week period after it was first signed, but that number has dwindled to one every two or three days now, Waara said.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Our Pro-Choice Prime Minister

As those who follow the abortion issue are aware at the CPC party convention prior to the election efforts to address late term abortions performed in abortion were not successful. With Mr. Harper's support efforts to ensure that the CPC did not take an abortion policy and comfort with the status quo of abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy (Statistically the vast majority of abortions are performed in the first trimester). Mr. Harper also took specific measures during the election to ensure that pro-choice voters would be reassured when he said that he would do anything in his power to stop abortion legislation in Canada.

Mr. Harper has articulated these views despite being surrounded by colleagues that would have had every opportunity to familiarize himself with abortion. He is making an educated informed decision about his abortion stance.

Mr. Harper articulates these views despite the devotion of the social conservatives through donations, votes, and footwork during elections.

Mr. Harper articulates these views despite self-identifying as a Christian and attending a church that teaches the pro-life message.

Those who value the lives of the unborn cannot look to a man who puts on a military uniform for the cameras and re-lives the dreams of his childhood. We need to look to politicians that will offer meaningful action towards promoting a prolife culture in Canada and helping expectant mothers who are in crisis to give birth. True bravery is absent when someone can't even defend a child.

Parents kidnapped their daughter for a forced abortion

Police: Girl Kidnapped By Parents To Have Abortion
19-Year-Old Recently Told Parents She Was Pregnant
(CBS4) After disclosing to her parents that she was pregnant, a 19-year-old Maine girl was allegedly bound with rope and duct tape by the parents, who then allegedly attempted to drive the girl to an abortion clinic in New York on Friday for an emergency abortion, police said.Katelyn Kampf, 19, was able to escape from her parents’ custody when they stopped to use a restroom in Salem, New Hampshire. Police said the girl fled to a local department store where she was able to call police. Police found her behind a shopping mall and, shortly after, found the parents, Nicholas Kampf, 54, and Lola Kampf, 53, driving around a parking lot looking for the girl.The parents were taken into custody by Salem Police and brought to police headquarters. A search of the vehicle revealed rope, duct tape, scissors, and a .22 caliber rifle. The father was found in possession of a loaded .22 caliber clip in his pants pocket.During an interview with the girl, police found that her parents were upset after she recently told them she was pregnant. The girl told police that a physical altercation ensued and the girl was forced to the floor. The girl was then allegedly bound with rope around her legs and hands. She told police that she was carried to a vehicle and driven away by her parents. According to the girl, her parents were driving her to a location in New York State to have an emergency abortion performed. The girl was allegedly taken from the family’s home on Country Lane in North Yarmouth during the morning hours on Friday, police said.The Kampf's were arrested following their interview by New Hampshire and Maine investigators. They have been charged by the Salem, New Hampshire Police with kidnapping. They were transported to the Rockingham County Jail in Manchester, New Hampshire where they were each being held on $100,000 cash bail. The case will also be reviewed by Cumberland County prosecutor's for potential Maine charges, police said

What a brave young woman to escape to save her baby.

I am a pro-life feminist

Jabberwocky wrote a beautiful article that can be found on that pro-life blog referenced above.

Dear Choicer,I am a pro-life feminist.I believe that a woman's worth is not in whether or not she can choose to kill her child, but is - like everyone else - centred around herself and who she is. Each woman will do things differently, choose differently and believe differently and they're all worth the same.That's right, even the pro-life women.You see, I don't need to be pro-choice to be pro-woman, and I don't need to be pro-choice to be a feminist as you would have me believe. In fact, when you tell me such you are infact unrooting and undermining the basic principles of feminism. When you tell me that I MUST do something or I MUST believe in something in order to be worthy, or a feminist you are infact no better than the person who tells women that their place and worth is in the kitchen.Women have the right to decide who it is they want to defend and which side of a debate they want to take. To insult them if they choose differently than what you would like does not make you a feminist, it means you support the supressing of a woman's right to choose.Not the right to choose to kill her child, but the right to choose her beliefs.Personally I will fight to ensure that every human has their basic rights, every human is seen as as being worth something, and that no human is again stripped of its personhood. No matter where it lives, how old it is or whether or not it's convienient for me.Because after all, isn't that what feminism is really about?

An excellent pro-life blog

The leading cause of death in America

Thank you to which is for pro-life young people.

As per life site

LIVINGSTON, CA, September 14, 2006 ( - A public school reversed its position over students being allowed to wear pro-life shirts as a result of an administrative complaint filed by attorneys from the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) on the pupils’ behalf.
Two middle school students were admonished by school officials for wearing pro-life shirts. The shirts stated: (front) Help Cure Abortion (back) Abortion: The leading cause of death in America 1,200,000 every year.

As per

One student was pulled out of her classroom by two instructors and told that she is not to wear the shirt to school because it is “inappropriate.” She was then ordered to remove the t-shirt or turn it wrong side out, and cautioned that refusal to do so would result in her being sent home. Her sister, who also wore a pro-life shirt, was told by a teacher that a note was sent from the school office stating that the shirt must be removed. Facing discipline from the school, the pupils complied with the school’s demand.
In a letter from the school’s administration to PJI in response to the administrative complaint, the school stated that it concurred with PJI’s position that the students have a First Amendment right to wear the shirts in question. The letter goes on to state that school staff has been instructed not to take action against pupils wearing these or similar shirts. “We salute this school district’s willingness to quickly resolve this outrageous injustice to these two students,” said Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute. “But even more importantly, we salute those students and their families for not allowing this injustice to continue.”
So the school did a 180 at the mere threat of a lawsuit. This is very encouraging news.
Good for these students for refusing to take this infringement on their First Amendment rights sitting down.

Tarek Saab

The striking man to the left may seem familiar to you if you watched the Apprentice series. He was a candidate on season five that lasted for ten weeks. He is the CEO of Lionheart Apparel, and he is writing a book that is due out in Spring 2007 entitled "Gut Check: Confronting Love, Work and Manhood in Your Twenties" through Spence Publishing.

He is an active member of the Maronite Catholic Church and is extremely active in the pro-life movement. He attends daily Mass, is the godfather of nine children, married this past spring, is a mentor for Catholic youth, and in the past has done public speaking on chastity.

10% of the proceeds of his t-shirts sold on that site go to the prolife.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell is out of her mind!

Rosie's perspective which is very troublesome.

Children at the center of the gay marriage debate

Children are being sacrificed to social re-engineering with Canada's same-sex marriage experiment, say advocates for children.
United Mothers president Michele Dow said parliamentary debate on the controversial issue has focused only on the rights of adults and ignored those of children and the harm imposed on them by same-sex unions.
"Canadians care about children and we believe Canadians want to hear how same-sex marriage will affect the children," the mother of five said at a panel discussion yesterday.
"Canadians believe children are best served by having a mother and father committed to each other."
Roman Catholic Bishop Fred Henry and MLA Ted Morton were among several speakers that also included Syed Soharwardy, founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada.
The bishop called same-sex marriage legislation the worst betrayal of children he's ever seen -- even more so than Catholic church sex scandals

If Bishop Henry is accuratey quoted as saying that gay marriage is worse than the sex abuse scandals then I am most disappointed. I think that anytime that that scandal is brought up it should be done in the spirit of acknowledging what a tragedy it was for the affected children and not used as an example of something small in comparison to a greater injury. The children damaged by those events should not have to read, even as adults, about a Bishop minimizing this event in their life. It was in poor taste to use that as a frame of reference.

I also will acknowledge that my whole life I have primarily been exposed to two parent, married for life, large families with lots of siblings kind of homes. I have had minimal exposure to gay and lesbian families. I am not quite sure that I have a good sense of how they operate and function. I am not sure how families other than the ones I was surrounded by growing up operate. That doesn't mean that I get to say that they can't exist.

My understand is that most families where the parents are gay have children through previous relationships with a heterosexual partner. These are genetic and biological children. Nobody is going to separate a parent-child over this issue alone. Only a small minority of families are created through other means.

I am chronically curious as to what gay and lesbian

It is also perplexing to me the degree of concern that is involved. We are often hearing that only 1-2% of the canadian public is gay and that activists have over-stated the number of gay and lesbian people in the community. We also hear that gay and lesbian couples gravitate towards short term relationships and a small number desire the stability of marriage. If both of those things are correct we are talking about one person in a thousand. It is also true that most gay and lesbian partners do NOT have children created from their gay unions. How can we justify the undue amount of attention that is being given to such an allegedly small group?

Heterosexual led families represent the majority of families and their difficulties greatly impact more children. Given the rate of divorce among straight couples, the risk factors that remarriage creates for children, and the failure of a significant number of families to create the environment that Bishop Henry admires I am not sure why our criticism seems to begin and end with gay marriage.

People who are divorced should have no biblically entrenched opinion on gay marriage.
People who co-habitate before marriage should have no biblically based reason for opposing gay marriage.
People who are married and do not reflect biblically traditional roles with man and wife should have no biblically based reason for opposing gay marriage.

Instead they should be focusing on their own marriage and ask themselves whether or not it reflects the image that God would want them to to the world.

Concentrate on your own marriage - not others.

"I hate being gay"

This Washington State teen faces a daily battle between the sexual attraction he feels for other men and his religious convictions that tell him being gay is against God’s word. By Kyle Rice An exclusive posted September 15, 2006

In late July the Washington State supreme court upheld a law that limits marriage to heterosexual couples. As a gay 19-year-old in Longview, Wash., my delight with that ruling is probably surprising. However, I’m not your average gay person—I'm also a Christian who views living a gay lifestyle as against God's word.
And because of my religious beliefs, I hate the fact that I am gay.
About the time I was 12 years old, it became clear to me that I was sexually attracted to guys. I assumed these feelings would go away as I got older. People choose to be gay, right? I didn’t choose this, so I figured it would pass. But it didn’t. By age 15 I had my first boyfriend.
At about that time I started to attend a Pentecostal church. I began reading the Bible, including its many different and powerful passages condemning homosexual activity. I knew in my heart that being gay was wrong in God’s eyes. I decided to devote myself to living a God-filled life and knew I needed to stop being gay so that I could stop being attracted to guys.
I looked into "ex-gay" ministries and joined such a program offered by a local church. It has taught me that with God’s help I can change my desires. A friend of mine went through another church’s program, and he's changed. He’s now happy and in love with his girlfriend. I pray the same will happen to me someday.

In the meantime I focus on fighting efforts to force the "gay agenda" on those of us who know God does not accept homosexuality. Although I do not condone discrimination, I also do not support gay marriage laws or many of the other issues backed by gay rights groups. I am a proud conservative Republican, and I support political candidates who feel the same way I do.
Many people ask me how I can be gay and also be a Republican and a Pentecostal Christian. My answer is that I am so much more than my sexuality. I don’t vote solely on pet gay issues. My faith and love of God is not guided by one small piece of who I am—a piece of me that I am trying very hard to change.

Being a gay Christian is at times very hard to deal with. Some days I feel as if I’m at war with myself. But I know God would not approve of me acting on my gay feelings, and I have no right to question his directive. I know that in the end I will be happy I lived my life according to God’s standards the best that I could.

That means refusing to accept being gay.

I can't help but feel very very sad for this young man. Hopefully one day he'll find peace.

Emergency contraception doesn't lower abortion rates
FRIDAY, Sept. 15 (HealthDay News) -- Making the "morning-after" pill more readily available to women does not cut the rate of either abortions or pregnancies, a British reproductivehealth expert contends.
After much controversy and three years of delay, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in August approved over-the-counter sales of the pill, also called Plan B, for women 18 years of age and older.
In an editorial in the Sept. 16 issue of the British Medical Journal, Anna Glasier, director of family planning and well woman services at Lothian Primary Care National Health Service Trust, in Edinburgh, Scotland, said the pill does help some women avoid unwanted pregnancy.
"While emergency contraception sometimes prevents pregnancy for individual women who have had unprotected sex or whose contraceptive method has let them down, such as a burst condom, there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that increasing use of emergency contraception does not have any effect on the rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion," Glasier said.
Use of the "morning-after" pill has grown in Britain in recent years. In 1984, just 1 percent of women requesting an abortion said they had used it to try and prevent pregnancy. By 1996, that number risen to 6 percent, and, by 2002, it was 12 percent of women.
Although emergency contraception has been touted as the solution to rising abortion rates, abortion rates in Britain have increased from 11 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44 in 1984 (136,388 abortions) to 17.8 per 1,000 women in 2004 (185,400 abortions), even though use of the pill has increased.
Ten different studies found that giving women a supply of emergency contraception to keep at home increased its use twofold to threefold but had no measurable effect on rates of abortion or pregnancy, Glasier noted in her editorial.
"So, despite significant increases in the use of emergency contraception in the U.K. over the past 20 years, abortion rates continue to rise, and in Sweden and France the same holds true," she said.
Opponents of the "morning-after" pill in the United States felt that over-the-counter sales would lead to an increase in teen promiscuity.
Glasier said most women don't recognize when they have put themselves at risk of unintended pregnancy, and so they don't use emergency contraception even when they have it in the bathroom medicine cabinet.
"Emergency contraception is not going to be the quick fix solution to rising abortion rates," Glasier said. "The message to individual women should be, if you want to avoid getting pregnant, you should be using a method before you have sex or certainly while you are having sex, and that leaving contraception until after you have had sex is the least good option."
For governments, Glasier said, the message is that emergency contraception is useful when women don't use contraception or when something goes wrong, but, "it is not a substitute for more effective methods, and the recent emphasis on increasing the availability of emergency contraception will probably not reduce abortion rates."
One expert thinks the reason that emergency contraception hasn't had an impact on abortion or pregnancy rates is that it isn't used enough.
"There is clear evidence that increased availability does increase use," said James Trussell, director of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University.
"Moreover, there is also evidence that increasing use does not do what the opponents have claimed. It does not increase risk-taking. It does not decrease regular contraceptive use. It does not increase sexually transmitted infections. It does not decrease condom use," he said.
However, studies have also found that, despite increased availability and use of emergency contraception, there is no decrease in pregnancy rates, Trussell said. The problem is that although women have the pill, they don't use it, he said. "Clearly, it's not going to work if you don't use it."
The reason many women don't use the pill is that they don't think they're at a high risk of getting pregnant, Trussell said. "The problem that we have is simply that emergency-contraception pills are not used enough to have a major public health impact," he said.
Trussell thinks the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortions is the widespread use of contraceptives, particularly IUDs and implanted contraceptives.
More information

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Prolife memorial day!

Pray at Planned Parenthood (or any other abortion or anti-life facility)
As part of this event, American Life League’s STOPP International is encouraging every opponent of Planned Parenthood to gather on that day outside of your local Planned Parenthood facility and remember the babies. Can you imagine the effect when Planned Parenthood employees, in each facility it operates across the country, look out their windows that day and see pro-lifers all wearing the same shirt and all remembering the babies? It will be an event that will rock their foundations. This is a rare opportunity for you to do something in your town that will be part of a nationwide effort to remember the babies.
Pray at the flag pole
If you're a student, you may have participated in prayer at the flag pole outside your school. Why not organize students at your school to meet around the flag pole on October 2 to remember the babies and pray for an end to abortion? Talk it up among all your friends — e-mail, blog, instant messenger, whatever —and tell them about the official Pro-life Memorial Day t-shirt, too!
Pray at a candlelight vigil
Plan an hour of prayer, reflection and petition at a community gathering area -- city hall, courthouse or state capitol. Meet between 7:30 and 8:30 pm local time. Invite pastors of local churches to help lead prayer at the event and announce it in their bulletins beforehand. Be sure to bring enough candles so everyone is able to fully participate. You may also wish to incorporate a symbol such as ringing a bell every 24 seconds (a baby dies by surgical abortion in the U.S. every 24 seconds)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Would you kill a disabled baby: The remarks of a pro-choice professor

An interview with a pro-choice princeton professor.

Would you kill a disabled baby? KAREN MEADE, Dublin
Yes, if that was in the best interests of the baby and of the family as a whole. Many people find this shocking, yet they support a woman's right to have an abortion. One point on which I agree with opponents of abortion is that, from the point of view of ethics rather than the law, there is no sharp distinction between the foetus and the newborn baby.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Brad Pitt and equal marriage

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Brad Pitt will marry Angelina Jolie when all gay couples in the US can legally tie the knot.The 'Ocean's Thirteen' actor - who lives with the 'Tomb Raider' actress and their three children, four-month-old Shiloh, Maddox, five, and 18-month-old Zahara - has continually dismissed plans for the couple to walk down the aisle, but insists the pair will tie the knot when US law is changed to allow everybody to wed.He told Esquire magazine: "Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able."Brad has also revealed that he doesn't treat his adopted children, Maddox and Zahara, any differently to his first-born, Shiloh.He explained: "They're as much of my blood as any natural born, and I'm theirs. That's all I can say about it. I can't live without them. So, anyone considering adoption, that's my vote." The actor - who got together with Angelina while they were filming 'Mr and Mrs Smith' together - also insists he is a laid back parent.He explained: "I try not to stifle them in any way. If it's not hurting anyone, I want them to be able to explore. "I feel it's really important to have that time to sit and talk to them. I really like that last minute before they fade off."

Mr. Pitt's life is seriously none of my business but I find the whole idea of delaying the desire of your heart for political goals very odd. This is especially true when such outcomes are quite uncertain in the United States so the likelihood of them ever marrying is doubtful if they are waiting for the values of the United States to allow it.

I also find it odd that someone who has already married would take such a stance.
being married ONCE is okay but not twice? Somehow that's unfair to gay and lesbian citizens?
being married, making vows, and then walking away....that's okay....but it's not okay to marry when others can't? That's morally offensive but broken promises aren't?
starting another relationship before your first marriage is legally over is okay but....getting married when gay people are not able to is wrong?

It's a baffling moral logic to me.

Incidentally for those who don't know this Brad Pitt was raised Charismatic and/or baptist depending upon the specific time period of his childhood. (Charismatic is to the right of Pentecostal). I've often wondered what Christmas is like at the table!

Failed abortion mother to fight on

A mother who gave birth to a daughter she thought had been aborted has vowed to fight on after her landmark £250,000 compensation case was rejected.
Stacy Dow, 21, sued Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust after the unsuccessful termination of her twins five years ago.
The single mother, from Perth, wanted the money to help her with the upbringing of her surviving child, Jayde, who started school this month.

Obviously the outcome that was first desired by the mother was the successful termination of the twin pregnancy and that wasn't accomplished. Given that the pro-choice movement considers abortion to be a relatively simple medical procedure it's difficult to understand how this outcome can't raise their eyebrowns.

It really makes one question the simplicity of the procedure when these kind of outcomes occur.

Hopefully Ms. Dow and her little one will come to peace with all that has happened.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shaohannah's hope

People often ask what Christian people are doing to address issues effecting "born children" - here is a beautiful story of what Stephen Curtis Chapman has done to promote adoption. They help Christian families with any financial barriers to adoption. They award grants to families in the process of adopting where finances become a factor.
Click here to view the Shaohannah's Hope video

Stephen Curtis Chapman is an award winning Christian recording artist.
Will The Hatred Ever End?

This is a video memorializing those who were lost to violence and drawing attention to hate crimes.
Fred Phelps gets hit on!

Fred Phelps Jr. gets hit on by a man!
Michael Moore lets Fred Phelps have it

This is an absolute riot!

Murder of autistic children has wonderful articles on their website. Even if you don't agree with their full position, which I don't always, their articles make you think. They link to this article which is rather disturbing.

This is the most difficult page to write on my site. The reason it is difficult is that these atrocities are still happening today - autistics are being killed simply because they are autistic. I'm sorry, but these pages will be hard for anyone who has respect for the lives of autistics to read. There is simply no way to present this subject without causing pain - especially in those who relate to the dead. But this subject must be presented, and I must write about it, in the hope that even one murder could be prevented by the words here.
Some of the autistics mentioned were intentionally killed, with the desired result by the murderers being death of the autistic. Others were killed as a result of gross negligence, neglect, failure to follow proper medical protocols, medical experimentation without proper oversight, or attempts to "cure" autism using untested and dangerous methods (for the record, autism has no cure).
This page may be very difficult to read, especially for those who who have survived restraint or abuse. I'm sorry for any pain it causes to these readers.
I will also warn the reader that I do not attempt to relate to, condone, or otherwise understand the emotions of the murderers. Their acts can not be justified, nor will they be justified on this site.
In Loving Memory...This page is dedicated to those autistics who were killed because they were autistic, including: Casey Albury (Age 17, died 1997)Angelica Auriemma (Age 20, died 5 Dec. 2003)Dale Bartolome (Age 27, died 29 July 2002)Charles-Antoine Blais (Age 6, died Nov. 1996)Eric Bland (Age 38, 2004)Jeffrey Bogrett (Age 9, died 1 Dec. 1995)Gabriel Britt (Age 6, died 3 March 2001)Casey Collier (Age 17, died 21 Dec. 1993)Maggie Caraballo (Age 38, died 20 Aug. 2003)Terrance Cottrell, Jr. (Age 8, died 22 Aug. 2003)James Joseph Cummings, Jr. (Age 46, died 16 Nov. 1999)Jason Dawes (Age 10, died Aug. 2003)Christopher DeGroot (Age 19, died 19 May 2006)Brahim Dukes (Age 18, died 29 Dec. 2001)Marcus Fiesel (Age 3, died August 2006)Matthew Goodman (Age 14, died 6 Feb. 2002)Jim Helm (died 1998)Stephanie Jobin (Age 13, died 17 June 1998)Daniel Leubner (Age 13, died 4 Sept. 1999)Katherine McCarron (Age 3, died 13 may 2006)Patrick Markcrow (Age 36, died 29 March 2005)Justin Malphus (Age 5, died 19 April 2000)Charles Mancill (Age 24, died 13 Feb. 2002)Abubakar Nadama (Age 5, died 23 Aug. 2005)Mark Owens-Young-Rogan (Age 11, died 17 Sept. 2001)Pierre Pasquiou (Age 10, died 28 Dec. 1998)Tiffany Pinckney (Age 23, died 2 April 2005)Michael Renner-Lewis (Age 15, died 25 Aug. 2003)Nozomu Shinozaki (Age 22, died 25 Feb. 2003)Craig Sorger (Age 12, died 15 Feb. 2003)Tanaka (Age 14, died 24 July 2002)Matthew Vick (Age 23, died 25 May 2002)Wayne Winter (Age 39, died 15 Jan. 2001)Willie Wright (Age 15, died 4 March 2000)
When these lives were taken from the world, some of the world's beauty and wonder was taken with them. We have lost that beauty and wonder forever.
Sentences Received
In most cases, the courts have found the parents, doctors, or care-givers who caused the death of these autistics guilty. However, it is only rarely for murder, and sentences tend to be very light. (note that I do not have sentencing information for all the murders on this page) For example:
Casey Albury's Mother - 5 months, manslaughter (Casey was strangled)
Dale Bartolome's Father - committed suicide (Dale was shot)
Charles-Antoine Blais's Mother - 23 month suspended sentence - 1 year in halfway house, no jail time served (Charles was drowned)
Eric Bland's Sister - 43 years, murder and dependent abuse (Eric starved to death)
Gabriel Britt - Father: 10 years, suspended to 4 years with 5 months probation and credit for time served, Unlawful Conduct Toward a Child; Mother: no penalty (Gabriel was beaten and then suffocated)
Casey Collier's facility - No significant sanctions of any sort - note that another restraint death in this facility in 1999 (Casey died of suffocation while being restrained face-down in a way which prevented him from breathing)
Terrance Cottrell Jr's "minister" - 2.5 years prison, 7 1/2 years extended supervision, $1,200 restitution, Physical Abuse of a Child (Terrance died of suffocation while being sat upon by the minister during a prayer service to "release him from demons")
James Joseph Cummings, Junior's Father - 5 years, manslaughter (James was stabbed to death)
Jason Dawes's Mother - 5 years "good behavior bond" (similar to US probation, no jail time), manslaughter (Jason was strangled)
Christopher DeGroot's parents - trial is still in progress, each parent is charged with one count of murder (Christopher was burned to death)
Brahim Dukes's Stepmother - trial is still in progress (Brahim was starved)
Matthew Goodman's care-givers - Fines for abuse, neglect, and leaving Matthew in restraints unattended; no criminal charges, however (Matthew Goodman died as a result of receiving too much medication and being improperly restrained)
Marcus Fiesel's foster parents - trial is still in progress for involuntary manslaughter, child endagerment, and abuse of a corpse (Marcus was locked into a hot closet for two days while his foster parents left for a family reunion)
Stephanie Jobin's care-givers - While an inquest was held, this was not a court trial and did not result in any judgment against the home (Stephanie died from suffocation after being restrained under a beanbag and the weight of several care-givers)
Daniel Leubner's Mother - 6 years in prison and $210 surcharge, Arson 2 and Manslaughter 1 (Daniel burned to death in his home as a result of an intentionally set fire)
Katherine McCarron's Mother - Trial still in progress, McCarron entered a plea of "not guilty" to the charges of 1st degree murder, obstructing justice, and concealing a homocide (Katie was smothered)
Justin Malphus's Mother - Life + 60 years in prison, murder; social workers faced 15 and 20 day suspensions due to improperly investigating Justin's circumstances prior to his murder (Justin was drowned)
Patrick Markcrow's Mother - 2 years suspended sentence (as long as she is on "good behavior" basically, she won't have to actually serve that time), Manslaughter (Patrick was poisoned and then suffocated with a plastic sack)
Abubakar Nadama's Physician -
none (Abubakar suffered a heart attack while undergoing a dangerous and unnecessary medical procedure to cure his autism)
Pierre Pasquiou's Mother - 3 year suspended sentence (Pierre was drowned)
Mark Owens-Young-Rogan's Mother - committed suicide (Mark's mother jumped off a bridge with him)
Nozomu Shinozaki killers - 4 plea bargained to manslaughter while charges were dropped against 5 others (Nozomu was beaten during a session of vigilante justice)
Craig Sorger's killers - One plead guilty to second degree murder and received 14.5 years, another was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to 26 years (he was beat and stabbed after being asked to come play with the killers)
Tanaka's Father - 3 year suspended sentence, no time served (Tanaka was strangled)
Matthew Vick's Group Home - Contract was canceled by the State of Texas; no criminal charges (Matthew died as a result of improper restraint)
Willie Wright's care-givers - no consequences of any kind (Willie died due to the way he was restrained in a mental hospital)
Out of the cases mentioned here, only three received a significant sentence when compared to those received by people found guilty of murdering an neurotypical child. Many did not serve any jail time, and others felt no consequences at all for their actions. For comparison, I searched for murders of non-autistic children, and picked the first 5 I saw that did not involve sexual assault (note that some of the autistics murdered were not children, although most were):
A Johannesburg South African man was jailed for 8 years for simply planning the murder of his child
Megan Dail's murderer, a drunk driver, was sentenced to life+26 months for causing an accident which killed 4 year-old Megan
Ashley Smithson's Mother's boyfriend was sentenced to life without parole for beating 2 year-old Ashley to death
Nahaman Carmona Lopez, a 13 year old Guatemalan street kid, was murdered by 4 police officers who kicked him to death. The four officers were sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and ordered to pay a total of 20,000 Quetzales to the boy's mother
Kennedy McFarlane's Mother's boyfriend was sentenced to life in prison for beating 3 year-old Kennedy to death.
The obvious conclusion is awful. A man who planned on murdering his child or who got into a car accident after drinking faces years in prison while parents who planned and executed the murder of their children get off without any jail time, simply because their children happened to be autistic.
But what about the parents...
I've actually been criticized as insensitive and heartless for caring about the autistics that are dying at the hands of people who are supposed to care for them. The person saying this is usually trying to change my focus from the child who is dead to the parent who didn't have enough support. While I realize there is a legitimate need for support, and parents do not often receive as much they need (especially respite care), the same excuse has been used by parents who murdered neurotypical children. For instance, a single parent will be raising three or four neurotypical children. One day, he will snap and murder his children. He then spends the rest of his life in jail, despite his pleas that trying to raise a family on his own, while working 50 hours a week, cleaning a house, and making meals is very difficult work and that he lacked the necessary support. He still gets life in prison. Yet if he adds one word - "disabled" - when talking about his child, he has immediate sympathy for his actions. A murderer of a neurotypical child rarely has an acceptable justification for a jury - regardless of the murderer's mental state. I ask for the same treatment for murderers of autistics - just because the child isn't as presentable doesn't mean the murder is any less awful.
Parents have criticized me for not understanding their struggle. I will admit that I can't fully appreciate what it is like to raise an autistic child, as I haven't done that. But I do believe parents deserve a lot of credit and have a difficult job. A difficult job isn't justification for murder, though.
Child molesters have used the argument that they have a chemical imbalance in their brain which causes a deviant sex drive. They have claimed that these are some of the strongest emotions a person can face. Yet few child molesters have met public sympathy, despite there being some psychological evidence that there may be some truth to their statements. The courts, world-wide, have consistently stated that there are other outlets for those impulses, other ways of expressing them, and ways of receiving help for them. Courts do not generally believe a child molester when he says he had no choice but to do the sexual act. Nor should they, scientific evidence here is on the side of the court, even if there is some truth in what the molesters say. The same goes for murder, especially premeditated murder, where the killer planned well in advance. There are other outlets for frustration over lack of support. There is always a way out other then murder - perhaps family, perhaps friends, perhaps a church, perhaps the state. In civilized countries, the state is obligated to ensure the safety of children - so placing the child under state care is an option for those living in civilized countries (and even if this is a bad option, it is less likely to be permanent and is also a better option than death).
Mercy Killing
Another excuse often used to justify murder of autistics is that the autistic will never have a high quality of life - he'll be confined to an institution, he won't be able to communicate, and he won't even be able to experience the emotions of joy, happiness, and love.
This is simply not true. Some people, autistic and neurotypical both, go through life generally unhappy. But being autistic does not sentence you to that life, no matter how "low functioning" you are. Even the lowest functioning person can enjoy life, although it may look differently then what someone else would enjoy, and it may even be a life that few others would enjoy.
As for the confinement issue, it is possible for even very low functioning adult autistics - without speech or toilet skills even - to live in the community. But, even if someone is confined to an institution, this is not sufficient reason to kill them. Where the person loses quality of life due to confinement, the confinement is the problem to be addressed if you wish to improve quality of the autistic's life. Murder doesn't address the true problems. While you could kill a person who has a cold, and that would end their suffering due to their cold, a more appropriate method is to provide them medical assistance, rest, plenty of fluids, and compassion. We should aim to solve the problems facing autistics, not eliminate the autistics themselves.
The excuse that "I am preventing suffering by killing the child" is a poor one. No person can know what is ahead for a child. Even those who believe there is a qualitative difference in quality of life between low functioning and high functioning person (I don't believe this) must realize that this line is less clear then they would like. For instance, I didn't speak until I was nearly 5. I know other autistics who didn't speak until their teenage years, and yet others that could speak years ago but do not today. Many of them enjoy life, and none of them would wish someone else to decide to take their lives to "spare them the miseries of the world". Murder is not done out of love, but out of a desire to impose one's own opinions on another, hatred, or selfishness. It is often an expression of prejudice.
Less Valuable Life
While it is rarely spoken of directly, society's view on the murder of mentally disabled persons is that mentally disabled persons are less valuable. Even the disabled community contributes to this, with statements such as a blind man saying, "I'm a person - I still have my mind!" (implying that not having a neurotypical mind makes a someone less of a person). But it is worst outside the disabled community. When a drunk driver, who does not plan the result that occurs, is sent to jail for life after killing a innocent child, surely a parent who plans a murder of her child should also get the same sentence. The drunk driver may claim that his mind was impaired and his judgment cloudy because of the alcohol, but the court will respond that there was a way out - he simply should not have drove. Murder of autistic children does not need to occur. Society isn't forcing mothers and fathers to kill their own children, although it does tell those parents that their actions, while a bit wrong, were justifiable (for the most egregious example of this, Danielle Blais received a job with the Quebec Autism Society after murdering her child).
Murder is wrong, because life is valuable. Neurotypical life is valuable. Autistic life is valuable. In many places, though, there are stricter penalties for cruelty to animals then cruelty to an autistic. I know of no place where someone who caused great pain to a dog, in ways that would be considered torture by most people, and eventually killing the dog would not face criminal charges. Yet it is not unusual for a murderer of an autistic to face no charges. For instance, if I told you that I tied a dog on a table in such a way as to immobilize him, in such a way as to prevent him from fully breathing, while I listened to his sounds of terror and pain, and eventually watched him die, I would expect you to consider me a horribly cruel person. In fact, I hope you would - anyone who would do this to an animal is a cruel person. Yet there have been autistics who have died in identical ways. It is a very cruel death to die from suffocation while restrained. Many of those killed even cried out that they couldn't breathe, but their complaints were dismissed (with words like, "If you can talk, you can breathe," which isn't true when using restraints). And they died this horrible death at the hands of those who were supposed to be caring for them. I am aware of several incidents where the autistic came close to death or even died while being restrained, including some that I mention on this page, but I am aware of none where charges - or even disciplinary actions - were made against those that caused the death - despite the normally higher accountability medical practitioners are held to. It turns out that those society considers disabled or mentally ill not worthy of the same respect as those who are considered "normal". In fact, they are often not even worthy of the same amount of respect as a dog.
Horrible Deaths
Regarding the victims mentioned here, only two could have died instantly. The others were strangled, drowned, starved, or bleed to death after being stabbed. In each of these, there would have been horrible fear in each of the victims as someone who was entrusted with their proper care, and, in many cases, loved by the victim, caused horrendous pain. These methods of murder do not show mercy - they are among some of the most gruesome methods of inflicting death. In fact, with some of these murders, the murderer failed with the first and, sometimes, even the second known attempt to kill the child. Yet this is a not unusual - few murders of children don't cause horrible pain and fear, so this should not be surprising.
Support for Parents
Parents do need support. Saying that murder is wrong does not contradict that statement. In criminal cases, it is just and right to hope for a sentence that is not weaker simply because of the social standing of the victim.
Some parents believe that this weakens their position with regard to the current level of services. This is not true. Rather then justifying evil actions, we need good parents and care-givers to engage in political action, showing that autistic life is valuable and worthy of support is the pressing need. We do not serve the cause when we support sentencing that weakens the value of autistic life.
A Word on "One-Sidedness"
I have received several complaints about this site being one-sided in it's presentation of facts on these murder cases. Please feel free to send me information about murders of autistics where the victim's memory was respected through proper sentencing. I have tried to include all cases where the person would not have been killed if the he was neurotypical, regardless of whether that case supports my statements or not. All these deaths need to be remembered. I encourage and support anyone who feels the need to do their own research to verify the facts. I ask only that, before my statements are dismissed, that you do verify the facts. If you believe I am being one-sided by being selective about the cases I present, I ask you to do that research - for your own peace of mind. I also hope that you will send me information on murders that were not included here, so that I can remember the victim by adding him to this site.
If you are aware of a murder where the victim was killed because he/she was autistic, I would like to include the victim's name on this page, as a memorial. Please send mail to, with the victim's name, age at time of death (if available), and the date the victim died (if available). Because of the serious nature of this page, I ask that you provide any documentation you have that substantiates the claim of murder.
Other Sites About Murder and Abuse of Disabled People
Other web sites have also documented the devaluation of the lives of autistics and others with disabilities. Note that some of these sites may be very difficult to read for those who have been exposed to abuse in the past.
Children Injured by Restraints and Adversives - A parents' organization dedicated to preventing abuse of restraints.
Deadly Restraint - A special feature created by the Hartford Courant newspaper. Documents several deaths due to restraint by "professionals". It also includes a database of deaths caused by restraint.
Linda Cornelison's Death - This death occurred in 1990. While Linda was not autistic, she was labeled as mentally retarded. People labeled as such often face similar kinds of abuse and torture that autistics face. It is shocking that this facility continues operations today, focusing on autistic individuals in addition to persons labeled mentally retarded. In fact, many consider it one of the premier autism treatment facilities in the United States.
The Meaning of 'Murderer' - Discussion of Jack Kevorkian's murder of a person with disability, and his argument that it was simply a "medical service"
Murder of Autistic Persons - Another site that details the murders of autistics, and includes additional information on deaths in institutions, group homes, schools, etc.
Not Dead Yet - A disability-rights organization which opposes euthanasia
United States of Leland - The Sub-human Life - A critique of the movie United States of Leland in which an autistic murder victim is used as a plot device to obtain sympathy for the killer.
Links About Murders of Disabled During the Holocaust
The first persons killed in the holocaust were "mentally ill" persons (note that there was not a separate diagnosis of autism at the time, so exact numbers are unavailable) who, according to Hitler and his doctors, were unfit for life. The reasons used during the holocaust are the same reasons being used today to justify the murderers of autistics. These killings preceded the other horrible atrocities in Germany, possibly because they were more palatable to the population.
Life unworthy of life
A proclamation to remember these deaths
Links About Specific Murders
There are many reports on-line of the murders of autistics. A few of them are listed below.
Maggie Caraballo
Marcus Fiesel
Daniel Leubner
Justin Malphus
Abubakar Nadama
I also want to thank the parents, who, after learning of their child's autism and dealing with the stresses of raising someone who is different, continued to show love and compassion for their children as they came to terms with a child who wasn't what they expected, but who was wonderful and precious. I thank my parents for allowing me to experience life, and didn't take what would have been an easy way out.

Horribly sad that we live in a world where this happens to children.