Friday, March 14, 2008

Cunts: A progressive perspective on women who assert themselves

Barbara McKay recently had a column that was, of course, controversial in terms of her portrayal of those who oppose bill c-484 , if you wish to see it for yourself.

A popular blog named canadian cynic was, according to their self-report, one of the persons quoted in the article. In his follow up blog he criticized the reporter for not quoting him directly which is not entirely unfair. What was, of interest, was the way that some of the posters characterized Mrs. McKay for holding a different perspective.

A person who refers to himself as WTF_Cherniak says the following:

Barbara Kay - Fuck you.

You are a good for nothing apologist with a narrow world view. Neo-Con, Zionist, and anti-choice - the idiots trifecta dream.

I’m certain Mrs. Kay, if she came here, would make dikk or dr roy seem like geniuses. While Wanda may never wander here, Mrs Kay may.
If she does, well here’s my message to you: “Fuck you, you self-righteous idiot cunt”.

While it is true that Canadian Cynic is not responsible for the thoughts of persons who leave a comment he has shown in the past a comfort with referring to women who are strong enough to hold an alternative position to his own as "cunts" and he's had male commentors make negative comments about the sexuality of women who disagree with the "progressive" position.

It's amazing to me that calling women cunts is so common within the progressive community.


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