Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lifesite draws attention to a website that contains information on the pro-choice movement and violent tendencies. The website is

I believe that it's perfectly fair to draw attention to the unprovoked attack against Rose who was simply carrying a sign and engaged in conversation. The person that came up behind her, knocked her to the ground, cursed her out, and tore off with the sign wasn't a patient who needs to be given more patience given the crisis that she is facing - this was an individual who doesn't appear to be a patient that made a calculated planned decision.

880 homicides and other killings

At the same time I don't believe that every crime committed by a person who is pro-choice when it's unrelated to their role in providing abortion services really belongs. The site doesn't appear to have done that with pro-life people so it looks a bit lop sided as a result.The exception I would make to the practice of only counting the crime if it relates to their role in providing abortion family violence or rape or crimes against women.... it is rather ridiculous to frame a man involved in the abortion rights movement any kind of "hero for women" if he's pounding on his bride at home. Every shoplifting crime doesn't need referenced though because they are pro-choice.

They do have an interesting little quiz on the site and they offer a free CD to those who are wanting to acquaint themselves with the perspective of those who believe that the pro-choice is disproportionately more violent.


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