Saturday, September 16, 2006

Parents kidnapped their daughter for a forced abortion

Police: Girl Kidnapped By Parents To Have Abortion
19-Year-Old Recently Told Parents She Was Pregnant
(CBS4) After disclosing to her parents that she was pregnant, a 19-year-old Maine girl was allegedly bound with rope and duct tape by the parents, who then allegedly attempted to drive the girl to an abortion clinic in New York on Friday for an emergency abortion, police said.Katelyn Kampf, 19, was able to escape from her parents’ custody when they stopped to use a restroom in Salem, New Hampshire. Police said the girl fled to a local department store where she was able to call police. Police found her behind a shopping mall and, shortly after, found the parents, Nicholas Kampf, 54, and Lola Kampf, 53, driving around a parking lot looking for the girl.The parents were taken into custody by Salem Police and brought to police headquarters. A search of the vehicle revealed rope, duct tape, scissors, and a .22 caliber rifle. The father was found in possession of a loaded .22 caliber clip in his pants pocket.During an interview with the girl, police found that her parents were upset after she recently told them she was pregnant. The girl told police that a physical altercation ensued and the girl was forced to the floor. The girl was then allegedly bound with rope around her legs and hands. She told police that she was carried to a vehicle and driven away by her parents. According to the girl, her parents were driving her to a location in New York State to have an emergency abortion performed. The girl was allegedly taken from the family’s home on Country Lane in North Yarmouth during the morning hours on Friday, police said.The Kampf's were arrested following their interview by New Hampshire and Maine investigators. They have been charged by the Salem, New Hampshire Police with kidnapping. They were transported to the Rockingham County Jail in Manchester, New Hampshire where they were each being held on $100,000 cash bail. The case will also be reviewed by Cumberland County prosecutor's for potential Maine charges, police said

What a brave young woman to escape to save her baby.


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