Saturday, March 15, 2008

Valerie Goyette is the mother of two little boys and a little girl. named Tandra. (Her daughter was subsequently born premature reported by her to be due to complications caused by the terrible incident stated below) With her little boys one is named Chad and he's a bright bubbly little elementary school dude. The other little boy is named Mason and he is no longer on earth. He died in his mother's womb.

The testimony that Valerie has shared online is that when at a celebration an unwanted guest who she had a difficult history with attended. By Valerie's report the woman became aggressive later on in the evening. She struck her head several times and targetted her stomach with blows. Persons present weren't terribly supportive in terms of getting proper medical help according to Valerie. When she finally got to the hospital it took a bit of time before it was clarified that the baby was part way out of the uterus. She lost 3/4 of the blood in her body and she had to have emergency surgery. Valerie's son lived for 22 minutes. She baptized her little boy and had to tell her three year old of the baby's death.

Valerie is one of the mothers that has experienced the loss of a child. She supports this bill. It is her hope that our country will recognize the loss of her son and will support her in believing that those who commit crimes against pregnant mothers are held accountable - fully accountable. It won't make a difference for the crime she faced but it will effect future women and their families.

The pro-choice movement that is professing to represent the full scope of Canadian women in their thoughts and aggressively fighting against this bill do not speak for Valerie. They do not speak for women who support Valerie. And they do not speak for the millions of Canadians who are grieved by the magnitude of her loss. The pro-choice people who oppose this and who have been so critical of those who have come forward do not represent the hearts and minds of millions of canadians who live more compassionate lives.

Thank you, Valerie, for sharing your story. It is my hope that people will be inspired to support this legislation because of hearing your message.

I hope that thousands of people will feel inspired to support this bill. Call your MP. Write your MP. Print, sign, and send this petition.

Here is a direct link to her story expressed in her own words - - (must be a facebook user to see)

This is posted with her permission, received this morning.


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