Friday, September 29, 2006

Forced abortions is a free brochure that talks about abortions that are forced in the USA.

The recent case of the parents who are in favour of abortion access who drove their teenage daughter to another state for an abortion which was against her wishes and the case of the Georgia mother who was arrested for giving her pregnant daughter turpentine and forcing her to drink it are not isolated.

To remind those who haven't followed the parents who are in favour of abortion have been charged with kidnapping on allegations that they bound their adult daughter, held her at gunpoint, and put her in the car for a trip to New York to have the procedure performed. On a rest stop the young woman was able to contact the police. They face up to 30 years in prison. I hope they get the full sentence.

Dr. David Reardon is an author or co-author of studies that highlight the amount of pressure that expectant mothers often face. 64 percent of women who end their pregnancies do so with pressure from others being a key reason. He has done a special research project that focuses on mothers who face violence when they refuse to abort. Women who are pressured, threatened, or subjected to violence are not unusual. The intense pressure, abandonment, lack of support, or emotional blackmail are all outlined by him. He talks about how the whole concept of choice really is questioned when there is such pressure.

This research has led to legislation requiring abortion businesses and health care providers screen women for evidence of coercion or pressure to abort and to direct them to people and resource that can help them. Michigan is the first state to look seriously at this.

Abortion clinics and abortion rights advocates are against the bills that would speak to forced abortion. I have not yet read their direct reasons for being in opposition.

I hope that those who are pro-choice recognize that that decision is often made when the mother feels that she has no other choice. I also hope that those who are pro-life realize the tremendous need for the pro-life to be seen as a valuable resource to people.


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