Monday, September 25, 2006

What do progressive and traditionists have in common? VIEWS ON FEMINISM! suggested establishing a list of bloggers from any community who are willing to write a post listing "5 things feminism did for me this week". I can't find too many examples of progressive people that had the capacity to find even five things that feminism did for them. They didn't have a good word to say! That also appears to be the case with more traditional bloggers! That irony was also not lost on

Looking around the blogosphere his idea seems to have caught on!

Dust my broom was the first person, I believe, to take off with the idea

Interesting paradox where someone can state such poignant material but on the other hand publicly make a case for assaulting a woman. How progressive. Today must be Jeff’s day ( Drift, Anyone know what that's about?)

Raskoinikov said:

1. Prove beyond a doubt that reason and logic have absolutely no business in our current intellectual milieu
2. made me feel proud to be a man
3. ruined at least two relationships, and one university class (Intro To Criminology taught by a female grad student with a fuller goattee than mine who made no attempt to hide the fact she was replacing a general syllabus with one devoted to radical fem interpretations)
4. made me proud to be conservative
5. forced christina hoff-sommers to share her wonderful, sane view of the world and remind us that intelligent and rational women still exist

Joanne C said:

5 Things Feminism Did for Me:
1. Made sure that as a single earner family raising young children, we bore a disproportionate amount of taxes compared with dual-earning families.
2. Made sure that as a stay-at-home Mom my perceived value to society was placed somewhere below that of canines.
3. Made sure that the rights of unborn children were placed below those of all animals.
4. Made sure that when attending university I was force-fed a skewed world view that took years to deprogram.
5. Tirelessly pushed their agenda to the extent that any objection was reason for accusations of discrimination and bigotry, thus working to take away freedom of speech in Canada.

Been around the Block said:
1. Duped me for ten years, beginning at university, into the dystopia of trying to be “equal” to men, by living as hard and fast as some of them: unhappy, unhealthy place for women.
2. Made me into a militant stay-at-home mom.
3. Made me an activist in trying to get the government to see how lop-sided and unfair their taxation policies were towards families with a stay-at-home parent to care for their kids: equal pay for kids of equal value. Tough sell, given all the feminists in the government.
4. Made me realize that this idea that women are better than men–for, unmasked, that’s the radical feminazi agenda in academe, the media, and government–is a crock. Made me very distrustful of women who claw their way to the top, convinced that they are “entitled.”
5. That because kids, more than anything else, need a consisently caring and available adult to help them through the first years, the one agenda concerning their care that’s going to result in an epidemic of neglected kids and Clockwork Orange is the feminists’ blueprint for daycare: universal, government-funded (read: our taxes) holding tanks for kids.


1. Made sure that my unborn childern did not receive legal protection from criminals.
2. Shut me out from having any voice on women’s issues, based simply on the fact that I don’t toe the feminist line. Then the feminists turn around and claim to speak for me.
3. Pushed for a tax-paid childcare system in Quebec that I never got to use in the two years I was there because the waiting lists were so long. And even if I had gotten a phone call, since my schedule was not 9-5 would have been useless to me
.4. Has completely screwed up the Catholic Church, so that now in every theology faculty trying to shove their dissenting views down the throats of faithful Catholics
.5. It has propagated the idea that a stay-at-home wife is a useless woman who is wasting her life and talents taking care of her kids. When people hear I’m a stay-at-home wife, they have no idea of all the intellectual pursuits I have– because stay-at-home moms are naturally stupid, wouldn’t you know

Dianne from Family Matters

Tory Canuck 1.Committed the mass genocide of unborn babies
2.Muzzled those who don't give a shit about their agenda-that means evryone not on their organizations' payrolls.
3.Supported a piece of crap system of institutionalized childcare that is rendered useless by most families.
4.Screwed over christians by tryin to stick their views that nobody really gives a rats ass about, down our throats.
5.Called stay at home mothers stupid for carin for their kids-I think these feminists are stupid for even believing such a thing about people who care more about their families than the almighty dollar.

Sara from

What Fake Feminists have done for me:NOTHING!!!!!What Fake Feminists have done to me:1. A fake feminist has forced the tax system to be individual so I cannot split my husbands income, therefore leaves me with nothing while I am married.2. A fake feminist will pay me to leave my children.3. A fake feminst has used my tax dollars to support a childcare system that discriminates against me as a mom at home.4. A fake feminist once told me "what do you care anyway, you don't pay taxes".5. A fake feminist made me fight them, to be true to all women.

And Angela Messenger

1. Feminism has taught me that it's OK to give my body (a temple of the Holy Spirit) to whomever I want so that I can have sex whenever I want.
2. Feminism has taught me that it's OK to pump my body full of toxic chemicals so that my body cannot perform naturally by getting pregnant when I have sex with whomever I want (well, if he's male anyway...)
3. Feminism has taught me that if I do get pregnant when my toxic birth control fails that it's OK for me to scrape the parasitic contents of my uterus down a drain somewhere, preferably in a "safe, clean abortion mill."
4. Feminism has taught me that it's OK for me to "do it" to myself when nobody is around for sex because why would I want to practice self control????? I mean, I don't practice deferred gratification in any other part of my life so why start now? Right? Right???!!!????
5. Feminism has taught me that I am better than a man. Uh...but it also taught me I am exactly the same. That must be why at 42 I am growing a moustache and have hairy legs, right?! But why would I want to be equal to a man? They are nothing but sex-obsessed oppressive losers. Wait, this whole blog entry has been obsessed with sex.Oh my....if I am a feminist....I am a loser............(sob!)

So I have learned something today...while I knew that many traditional women had nothing good to say about feminism it was great to read the "five things" lists....but what I truly learned is that when progressives are called to action to speak up and defend feminism....they don't have anything good to say either.


Blogger Shane said...

Thanks for the linkage! It truly is entertaining to watch. I think the conservative blogosphere has ridden this horse a lot harder than the progressives... but then again I haven't looked that hard yet either.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Morpheus said...

I'm not sure that I could really contribute much to this idea because I am a guy, but I'll give it a shot anyway:
5 Things Feminism Has Done, Blah...

1. Pollute the minds of some of my female friends with nonsense about responsibility-free sex.
2. Give me the impression that when I go looking for a job, it is entirely possible that less-qualified candidates will be chosen above me simply because they are women.
3. Tell me that because I am a guy, I am most likely evil.
4. Lie to my friends (of both sexes) about birth control, sex, STDs, abortion, the list is endless...
5. Bring about companies that make thongs for ten-year-old girls (my baby sister's only four years away from that mark...)

Granted, some of these were abstracts and indirectly related to me.

3:22 PM  

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