Saturday, September 16, 2006

I am a pro-life feminist

Jabberwocky wrote a beautiful article that can be found on that pro-life blog referenced above.

Dear Choicer,I am a pro-life feminist.I believe that a woman's worth is not in whether or not she can choose to kill her child, but is - like everyone else - centred around herself and who she is. Each woman will do things differently, choose differently and believe differently and they're all worth the same.That's right, even the pro-life women.You see, I don't need to be pro-choice to be pro-woman, and I don't need to be pro-choice to be a feminist as you would have me believe. In fact, when you tell me such you are infact unrooting and undermining the basic principles of feminism. When you tell me that I MUST do something or I MUST believe in something in order to be worthy, or a feminist you are infact no better than the person who tells women that their place and worth is in the kitchen.Women have the right to decide who it is they want to defend and which side of a debate they want to take. To insult them if they choose differently than what you would like does not make you a feminist, it means you support the supressing of a woman's right to choose.Not the right to choose to kill her child, but the right to choose her beliefs.Personally I will fight to ensure that every human has their basic rights, every human is seen as as being worth something, and that no human is again stripped of its personhood. No matter where it lives, how old it is or whether or not it's convienient for me.Because after all, isn't that what feminism is really about?


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