Sunday, May 25, 2008

Victor Toews: His traditional view of marriage

I don't know if everyone remembers Mr. Benoit's efforts to have Bill C291 take flight. It was a bill that made it a separate crime to kill an unborn child as part of an attack against the mother. Mr. Benoit - a man who had always presented as socially conservative and "law and order" in thought was one of the key people that worked behind the scenes to get that bill out of the picture. This was reported in mainstream publications such as the National Post and not just those publications dedicated to a certain perspective on issues.

Many socially conservative people were aghast given his long held position that he was a resource to socially conservative people who wanted to see their ideas put into action. The confidence that some held for him was shaken. It was a very disappointing day for some who had believed that the CPC would offer any hope on this issue.

Apparently there are now additional chapters in the saga about what kind of man Mr. Toews is. Not only is he someone that apparently didn't have the integrity to stand up to defend a bill that supported expectant mothers who were victims of crimes he's also apparently someone who lacks integrity in his own family. According to the winnipeg sun it appears that his wife of over 30 years has had to accept that a young conservative staffer gave birth to his child last year. This is the basis for her filing for divorce. It appears that his personal deficits are enormous.

He has committed adultery. Something that cannot be defend from a Christian perspective.

He and his wife are getting divorced. A position that he put her in through his actions.

All of this from a man who was one of the strongest opponents of same sex marriage. All of this from a man that said that by supporting same sex marriage we were goign to support polygamy one day. All of this from a man who launched a filibuster to delay work on the issue. He was so horrified that gay marriage would be legal in Canada yet his own home and married life didn't reflect the very biblical standards that he reported to uphold.

When Mr. Toews was sworn in his family was publicly referenced - his wife of 30 years and his two children in respective University programs. It was also boasted that he was the son of a Reverend. They also talked about his enjoyment of roller blading, travelling with his family, and so forth. It would appear that his extracurricular activities extend beyond that and their consequences must be deeply painful for his wife and adult children.

His father, a deceased Pastor, of the Mennonite Brethren Church in Rossmere did not live to see the day that his son would so depart from the teachings of his faith and be a living example of a person who professes one thing (that he values marriage and family ) and then lives a life that is so different (does not support a bill protecting expectant mothers and privately engages in adultery)