Monday, September 11, 2006

Failed abortion mother to fight on

A mother who gave birth to a daughter she thought had been aborted has vowed to fight on after her landmark £250,000 compensation case was rejected.
Stacy Dow, 21, sued Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust after the unsuccessful termination of her twins five years ago.
The single mother, from Perth, wanted the money to help her with the upbringing of her surviving child, Jayde, who started school this month.

Obviously the outcome that was first desired by the mother was the successful termination of the twin pregnancy and that wasn't accomplished. Given that the pro-choice movement considers abortion to be a relatively simple medical procedure it's difficult to understand how this outcome can't raise their eyebrowns.

It really makes one question the simplicity of the procedure when these kind of outcomes occur.

Hopefully Ms. Dow and her little one will come to peace with all that has happened.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You knoqw what an "anomaly" is, right?

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