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This is the voice of feminism??

Separate and apart from the Canadian are just general comments...

I resent the influence housewives can have on my daughter's worldview a blogger named a responsible working mother.

I DO stand in judgement of women who become housewives, especially after some success in a career (like the lawyers who become housewives)....their choice damage women's standing in the workforce, making it harder for the responsible working mothers to gain respect..... when women quit their jobs after their maternity leave runs out, then it reinforces stereotypes that women aren't cut out for positions with serious responsibilities. So other women's choices affect us all.

11 reasons why working mothers can't stand housewives
1. They have nothing to talk about but their kids. I'm tired of hearing about your stupid kids. Get a life and have something else to talk about.

2. No,relaying every detail about the school box top fundraising campaign does not count
.3. Housewives have an obnoxius attitude that they are better than us working mothers in general
.4. Specifically, they imply that they love their children more.
5. They seem to think that hanging out at the mall is child enrichment.
6. They brag about how their husbands don't do anything around the house. This is insulting to men and completely uninteresting.
7. They treat their husbands like they are incompetent to handle the kids for any length of time. Again, insulting to fathers.
8. They claim to be doing society a favor by breeding, but we all know it's an inherently selfish endeavor. News flash - raising your brats is not a favor to me!
9. They take their toddler along to the older child's ballet lesson, then completely ignore him as he proceeds to scream, whine, disrupt the class, and generally appear to be wasting away from lack of truly involved interaction.
10. They talk about how horrible day care is, but they don't know anything about it.
11. They are the reason I am frequently asked the insulting question "Do you work outside the home?". What is this, 1950? from

And this same feminist then goes on to talk about how a houswife and a dog offer comparable value tot he family home

Housewife worth $134 K, Dog worth $125 K released a "
study" of the value of housewife work. They claim that if paid for all their work, housewives would earn $134,121 per year. In addition to the usual maid, cook, and chauffeur roles, included CEO and psychologist. I think they forgot, um, callgirl.Wow, that's a lot of money. But housewives aren't the only ones doing unpaid work in the home. My dog performs serious work in the home, too. I decided to add up the value of his various functions.Security guard - $91,980 per yearMy dog is a 24 hour security guard, and he's very good at his job (not that it seemed to be a factor in the study). Yes, he sleeps at night, and sometimes during the day, but his ears are keen and he can be trusted to wake up and do his job. To be realistic, I will count the sleeping hours as "on call", which can be considered about half salary. My research shows that security guards with his level of experience (7 years) earn about $14 per hour. I'll assign $7 for the on call hours. If he works actively 12 hours per day, and is on call 12 hours per day, then his salary comes to $91,980 per year.Touch therapist - $22,100 per yearPetting my dog is very therapeutic after a hard day at (actual) work. A quick Google search for information on touch therapists led me to some, well, questionable content. But I eventually discovered that the going rate for touch therapists is $85 per hour. My dog spends about 5 hours per week in this job role, so that comes to $22,100 per year.Personal trainer - $11,700 per yearI go running with my dog. He's a great personal trainer. I used to pay $75 per hour for this service, but now it's his (unpaid) job. He spends an average of 3 hours per week as my personal trainer, which comes to $11,700 per year.Add it all up and you get $125,780 per year. I think my dog needs to get his ass out there and bring home a paycheck! Security guard is his best role, so I'm going to try to get him a job at the mall. Updates to follow .

This is not the view of homemakers, of children, and of non-feminist voices that I believe is reflected by most Canadians.


Anonymous Princess_Jules said...

Hi Hailey.

PJ from here.

IMO I think you are being a little unfair. You can always pull extremist comments from any POV. If I were to use racism as the key I could completely villify certain web sites. I am sure someone could take statements from my site and label us as well. Remember there are extremists in all cases be it abortion, gay rights, religion or racism. Thankfully the majority of the population is somewhat in the middle of all that. It seems a bit dishonest to me to use words from those extremists to color a whole movement.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Hailey said...

I actually don't think it's unfair anymore than when people have collected extreme quotes made by the CPC or by the Liberals or wherever.

I do agree that feminism has diversity in the movement and that these voices do not represent all of feminism. They are, however, a reality within the movement. It was of special interest that when these people said these things that the response of other feminists was largely silence. With the exception of one male poster who became aware of the information from here they got no negative feedback from other feminists. The support was demonstrated through silence or occasionally words of encouragement.

If you want me to acknowledge that these words would never actually be said out loud by most feminists I'll agree to that but their silence, I see, as an endorsement. I think a significant minority of feminists feel this way.

Hope you are enjoying NH btw.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Princess_Jules said...

Hailey wrote:
"I actually don't think it's unfair anymore than when people have collected extreme quotes made by the CPC or by the Liberals or wherever."

This is my point exactly, the old adage "two wrongs don't make a right" applies here.

As far as silence condoning actions. I disagree as well. I think those of us in the middle ground do not even realize, or care what the extremists are saying we brush it off as junk, regardless of what side it comes from. Do I find calling other women the C-word liberating? No. Do I like the smug holier than thou attitude of the far right? No. Does either attitude really affect my life? No. So I don't pay it much attention. I write it off as zealous people with too much time on their hands.

To be quite honest I do not know much about this whole status of women thing. I would like it if you or Suzanne came on NH to inform us and open a discussion. I could then give a more educated opinion. Not to mention, we are sadly lacking female perspective over there...

10:16 AM  
Blogger Hailey said...

Actually PJ I think it's a good thing to hunt out extreme quotes. I LIKE it when people toss out stuff that Harper has said in the past on, say, private health care.
I don't see it as "two wrongs don't make a right" - I don't think it's wrong.

Let me be very clear I don't expect feminists or moderates to go around hunting down extremists all day on the internet but we are talking about people participating in the very same threads who would be quick to correct a right of center perspective. I do see that silence as an endorsement.

I won't pop over to explain but I will make sure that Suzanne is aware of your comment and perhaps she'll look at going over.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Princess_Jules said...

Thanks for passing the message on Hailey, I would love to have your input too.

3:59 PM  

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