Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another pro-choice man seeking equality

I can understand, maybe back in the day, where child support would be necessary to some degree. You get pregnant and there are very limited to no means of having an abortion. One could argue that you could still take necessary precautions, but shit always happens.

However, today, where there are so many forms of birth control for women, the morning-after pill, RU-486, and abortion... there really is no need for child support any longer. So why do we have it? Because men aren't sticking up for equality, that's why. We need to get and win in the courts.

According to Roe vs. Wade, the woman's body is her own; to make her own choices about. She decides the fate of herself and what's inside of her. This being the case, it is her responsibility and ownership over the possible human life she could have. This only makes sense, since everyone is reasonably responsible for their own bodies.

However, today still, men are told to pay women child support for something they had no control over. Now, your typical feminist would say: "You shouldn't have stuck it in!". This is a very, very narrow-minded and ignorant way to view the situation. It took two people to have sex, but only one person gets pregnant (hint: the woman). Now let's go back to what I stated earlier: who's responsible for your body? You are. If you're a woman, and you get pregnant, is that the man's fault? Did he *make* you pregnant against your will? No, of course not. You chose to have sex. You chose not to take the necessary precautions beforehand. You chose to let time run out and not take the morning-after pill. You chose to let time run out and not opt for a quick 10-15 minute very safe abortion (yes, that's true - very safe - unlike what the pro-lifers would lead you to believe).

Then you might be asking: "So men don't have to wear condoms then?" Well, if they want to have sex with you they will, correct? Don't you control what goes on? And if it doesn't go as planned, can't you take away your consent?

You know, it's about time women started taking responsibility for their own and supported this viewpoint. It's not fair at all that men are exploited for child support when they never wanted to support any kids. Their (men's) support should be of their willingness, not a forceful move by the government.

Men have to sit and wait for the woman to decide if she's going to have the kid or not. Women have choices after pregnancy, men do not. Therefore, women decide their fate for the next 18 years. If anyone out there would refer to this as "equality", you are a sick individual.

If you're going to allow yourself to get pregnant (That is correct. It is entirely your decision), then that is your decision, and not the man's. It is your body. Not his. Roe vs. Wade says so. Basic human rights says so. Common sense says so.
So for the women seeking child support out there: Why don't you think so? Where is your responsibility for your own?

My solutions: Child Support should be done away with. The only time the government should seek monies from a man for a child would be if the man signed something saying he would be there for the child. This is something that can be done even before pregnancy. But making a man pay just because you decided to have a kid is not equality.

This is going to have to be reformed in the future. How long will it take? I don't know.

I'm not against women in any way. I'm just looking out for equality issues. This happens to be one of them. And no, I don't have any kids that I pay child support for or anything like that.

Too many times in life women have kids and think they can just make the man pay. And now there are laws which really go after men to get the money. It's not fair. It's not fair that men are exploited for no reason. If a woman gets pregnant and can't handle it on her own, or doesn't have someone loving there that she can rely on, then she shouldn't have it. She shouldn't be looking to exploit men to get what she wants. It's her body, it's her wants. It's not necessarily his. This needs to be respected.

This is the voice of the pro-choice movement.


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Abortion is just a way to use women.

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