Thursday, September 07, 2006

To the left is a bouquet that I have made surrounded by comments made by people online participating in blogging and forums who self-identify as people supporting the Status of Women.

And that's not all....

How does a stay at home mom benefit society as a whole.... they don’t. it’s a selfish choice. and daycare is good for kids - just like puppies they need to be socialized.

dear sara, you are too stupid to be writing letters to anyone besides santa claus. you are the postergirl for why education is important for women. as a lawyer, i would like to back you up alright, right into lake ontario. stick to make kraft dinner and washing socks

And the list goes on and on

I would encourage people who are fence sitting on this issue to reflect carefully on whether or not these voices represent them, their views on family, and their views on women.

Please speak out and tell your MP what kind of voice women should have in Ottawa.

and on


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Thank you Hailey...

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