Sunday, September 03, 2006

Proverbs 31 did a lovely article on joyful homemaking

It really surprises me when people still describe homemaking as something boring, and accuse homemakers of being brainless servants doing menial tasks.

I bet it would totally surprise her that some feminists called them c*nts and harlots as has recently occured.

If you don't believe such people exist, just read the recent discussion on Forbes site about marriage to career women. The men who wanted to have a homemaker wife were routinely accused of wanting to have a mommy or even worse, a slave.Homemakers are often described by career women as Stepford wives, as someone put it "popping out children and being subservient to their husbands". Feminist career women get all upset when someone even hints that may be, women belong at home, yet they consider it normal to insult their fellow women who are often intelligent, hard working wives and mothers. I really don't understand the logic which says that women are freed by earning paycheck which often means being stuck in the office for an x amount of hours, operating the cash register the whole day in a busy local supermarket or being a day care worker earning a minimum wage.It seems that if a woman cleans her own house and takes care of her own children, it somehow makes her brainless, and a slave, but if she works for a cleaning agency, or takes care of someone else's children, and has to please her employers the whole day, it makes her empowered, liberated and happy.People must have had really bad experiences in their own homes when they were children if they equal staying home to being in some sort of prison. Home should be the happiest place, a small Paradise on Earth, full of joy and laughter; where the woman is not a servant or slave, but The Queen, admired and respected by her children and husband.When a lady chooses to stay home, it doesn't mean she can't use her brain or develop her talents, vice versa, most often she will have more time for this than an average woman working for the boss. Being a housewife is similar to being self-employed: you are your own boss, you make your own schedules and set your own working hours. Your life is not regulated by the demands of your employer, you decide what to do on a given day.The woman's role is not reduced just to cleaning and cooking: think of all the ladies who do a tremendous job of educating their children at home, can one really call them brainless? What about ladies who operate their own businesses, engage in community service or are active in their churches?Yes, the life of a married woman is to some extent, built around her husband and children. Her role is that of a help meet, it is supportive in its nature. Both man and woman lay aside their independence when they decide to marry. It means that they both now have their respective duties, yet those duties should not be a burden, they should be a source of happiness! Those who wish to avoid those duties, should, in my opinion, stay single.And yes, homemaking can be and should be a source of joy. If you take it seriously, it's a career in itself. Mrs Andelin once compared running a home to running a hotel - it's up to you, whether you make it a 5-star hotel, or something less. Add to this creative cooking, home decoration, sewing, gardening - there are too many things a woman can do at home to mention them all in a short article.I would like to address all homemakers reading this article now - the outside world is watching you. They are judging all homemakers by your performance. If we go around complaining about our hard life, it hardly will win anyone to our cause. If, on the other hand, we perform our duties with cheerfulness, joyfully and with laughter , think what an impression it will produce!There are a lot of ladies who wish hard to be home but cannot by different reasons. Let's think of our being home as a privilege, because it truly is

Someone who commented on her blog said

I don't understand why it's acceptable to feminists for me to take care of other people's children all day in a daycare but not to take care of my own; or why it's better for me to clean someone's hotel room than it is to clean my own house; or why it's preferable for me to teach other people's children in a classroom all day but not to teach my own. I'm baffled. Count me amongst the contented, fulfilled, and happy housewives and mothers!


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