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Abortion lessons for school children

Schoolchildren should be given compulsory lessons about the benefits of abortion, ministers' advisers on sex education claim.
Abortion should be included in teaching about sex to ensure that girls who become pregnant 'can make an informed decision' about whether to have one, they said.
And the abortion teaching should combat 'myths' that turn teenagers away from terminating their pregnancies, a report for ministers said.
It cited the idea that abortion can lead to infertility as misleading.
The recommendation from the Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy would mean - if accepted by the Government - that pupils would be taught about abortion from the age of 11.
But they could also have abortion lessons in primary schools that teach children from the age of five.
The group, which reports to Education Secretary Alan Johnson and Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, has repeatedly called for sex education classes to be made compulsory and to include testing for all pupils down to the age of five.
At present only secondary schools need to provide sex education lessons, and parents have the right to withdraw their children. Primary schools must by law have a policy on 'personal, social and health education', but do not need to provide lessons.
Gill Frances, head of the advisory group, said in a message to ministers yesterday: "Pregnant young women and their partners need to understand all the options open to them, including abortion, so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not to continue with their pregnancy.
"We are concerned that PSHE programmes very often avoid the subject and do not provide sufficient evidence-based information about abortion, therefore leaving pregnant teenagers ill-equipped to assess abortion as an option."
She added: "Many myths prevail, including the fact that abortion may lead to infertility, which the Advisory Group is concerned may be a contributory factor to repeat abortions."
The call for teaching on abortion comes at a time of widespread concern over the easy availability of abortion for schoolchildren and the way young girls are offered abortion without the knowledge of their parents.
Two years ago there was uproar when an abortion was procured for 14-year-old schoolgirl Melissa Smith by a 21-year-old school 'outreach worker' without the knowledge of the girl's mother.
This year the High Court confirmed the right of health worker to organise abortions for girls under 16 without informing their parents.
Each year around 4,000 abortions are performed on girls under 16, with another 35,000 on girls between 16 and 19.
The advice for ministers brought protests from anti-education groups and fresh condemnation from critics of the Government's sex education-based campaign to reduce teenage pregnancies.
Phyllis Bowman of Right to Life said: "It is absolute rubbish to say that young people do not know about abortion. They know only too much about abortion.
"The education establishment has continued to ignore the results of 30 years of its policies on sex education which has pushed abortion under the noses of young people."
Anastasia de Waal of the Civitas think tank said: '"The problem is not that young people do not have enough information about sex, contraception and abortion. The problem is that they do not have enough information about single parenthood.
"We know that an awful lot of young girls who get pregnant do so deliberately in order to have a baby because they think they will gain by it.
"We should forget about teaching them more about sex and education and instead teach them about the harsh outcomes of teenage pregnancy."
The Advisory Group report called for more state spending to make the lives of teenage single parents more comfortable. It said they should have 'personal advisers to provide an all-encompassing package of support'.
Those who do not wish to live with their parents should always get 'high quality supported housing' rather than 'inappropriate temporary housing'.

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What ever happened to the notion of preserving the innocence of our children? Aside from the fact that abortion is indeed the murder of the most vulnerable of human beings, this is a horrendous abomination. What is this world coming to?- Ramona, Minnesota, USA
Another example of Britan's fall into faithless immorality. Why would a Christian parent ever want to send thier child to a athiest, socialist school who, by design, undermines every moral and spiritual value the parents want for thier child?- Keith Kilgore, Watertown, New York
I don't know about how things are in England, but the single most significant problem leading to a life of poverty in America is pregnancy while still in school. Once a girl has had a baby and is on public support, there is very little likelyhood they will ever get out of the track they are in. This is merely stating the facts of the past thirty years. When abortion is added to the above, the woman goes through a life of dealing with the morality of their childhood decision in addition to being captive on the "state dole". While some women lift themselves up "by the boot straps", they are very few and far between and demonstrate how difficult it is to rise above such a lifelong problem, not that it is an easily done thing. Such women who do are lauded because it is so hard, not because it is "so good".

This is in the UK rather than North America but it's unrealistic to believe that this is not a few years away in the USA.

You would think that parents would be more included in the presentation of this kind of information to their children. I cannot imagine how sickened I would be to have an 11 year old of mine taught that abortion was a beautiful choice with lots of advantages.

I was sad but not surprised to read that someone took a 14 year old for abortion surgery without parental consent. I wonder if the school ever thinks about these things from a liability perspective. If I had a daughter entering the school system after menarche and I knew that those were the values of some of the staff I woud write a letter advising them in advance of what would happen if I learned that they dealt with a pregnancy crisis independent of myself.

I would never allow abortion to be promoted in front of my child and this curriculum is flawed.


Blogger SUZANNE said...

Interesting photoshop. But it really needs a Ken Doll dressed as an abortionist with a curette.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Doc Gerry Tan said...

As a physician trained in the US and practicing medicine in my country the Philippines... I am really deeply sickend by what's happening around the world especially in affluent countries where religion and faith are being put into oblivion! Well be seeing kids who will regard abortion as like going to a dentist to have their bad tooth pulled! This will never happen in our country because of our deep christian teaching where values formation is critical to our school system starting form prenursery up to the college level. This loss of values is one main reason why I returned to my country and have my family learn the values of what Life is all about!

7:45 PM  
Blogger aus blog said...

It's a subject of much debate, and the debate is hotting up of late with the apparent change in policies of several countries. I am a pro-lifer who has no religious convictions at all . I didn't need the fear of god or anything else to come to my decision, just a good sense of what is right and wrong.
You see we were all once a fetus. Is it beyond the realm of possibilities that when your mother first learned she was carrying you, she may have considered her options? What if she had decided to terminate? Would that have been OK?
You would not exist, if you have children they would not exist, and your (husband or wife) would be married to someone else. You would have been deprived of all your experiences and memories. In this day and age with terminations being so readily available and so many being carried out (can be harder to organise to have a tooth pulled in australia) if you make it to full term
you can consider yourself lucky. Lucky you had a mother that made the choice of life for you.Don't you think they all deserve the same basic human right, LIFE?
I'm all for contraception, prevention is certainly better than termination.
Did you know you can get an implant that lasts for three years? Just think girls not even a show for three years, wouldn't that be great? I think too many people rely too heavily on the last option (abortion), I think if abortions weren't so readily available people would manage their reproductive system far better resulting in a fraction of the number of unwanted pregnancies.
RU-486- Many people describe this as a contraceptive, it is not, it is a termination drug, it doesn't prevent a pregnancy, it is a lethal cocktail for the unsuspecting fetus. In my opinion RU486 might be acceptable if administered within a day or two of conception when all you would have is the basic ingredients of human life. After that it's just wrong. It's a human life.
I am convinced that in the not to distant future,people will look back at many of the practices of today with disbelief and horror.


4:38 PM  

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