Sunday, September 03, 2006

A boy for Choice does an excellent job of outlining the pro-choice philosophy on his blog. Please note there is profanity so don't read if you have sensitive eyes.

Pregnancy is Just a Stomach Virus Waiting to Be Cured

Legalized abortion, for my money, was the single greatest social advance of the 20th century. Some may argue for the automobile, the computer or maybe even the birth control pill, but I believe that legal, easy abortion has done more to help society than any of these things. The vast majority of our domestic social problems can be traced to unwanted children. Crime, welfare, poverty, unemployment, divorce, all of these problems and many others would be solved if people only had kids when they wanted and could afford them. Which is why I always feel like rear-ending some sense into those morons with the goddmaned Florida License plates that say “Choose Life” on them. No, mamn, choosing life will only hurt our state, do you understand that? Middle-class married women in their thirties driving Lexus' like you don’t get abortions. Poor unemployed teenagers do. And them having kids does nothing to help our society AT ALL.
I con
sider myself a metropolitan republican. That is a Republican in the sense of a Rudy Giuliani or an Arnold Schwarzenegger (both pro-choice). I, like few faith-blinded Republicans, realize that less poor single moms means less money going to welfare, less crime and less poverty. And it costs the government absolutely nothing. What’s more Republican than cutting social costs without spending money? Exactly. I am not pro-choice, people. I am pro-abortion. I think we need to have more and I encourage every female I know who is not in a financial position to support a child to terminate her pregnancy immediately. Because otherwise I, and everyone else, will end up paying for it.
But here is my big question: Say you are a single twenty-something female just starting o
ut her career with her whole life ahead of her and all of a sudden you fuck up and get pregnant. Why are you freaking out? Unless you live in some backwards-ass religious state like Utah or Mississippi, your problem is fixed with a morning doctor’s visit. Unwanted pregnancy is perhaps the single quickest fix of any of life’s major catastrophes. Car accidents can take weeks to recover from. It can take months to find a new job. STDs can last forever. But a pregnancy? Shit, you can have that taken care of in a matter of minutes. What’s the big deal?
Objectively, there is no argument against abortion. Emotionally, religiously, I suppose there are arguments, but then again if you are that religious, what the fuck are you doing having pre-marital sex anyway? Assuming you are not a devout Mormon or Catholic or Evangelical who like
s to fuck, why can’t you see that a child will ruin your life? I mean, totally ruin it. Your freedom is gone, your nightlife is gone, your promiscuous dating style is gone. Hell, it even makes your career goals 100 times harder than they would be had you taken that morning trip to Planned Parenthood. Please explain to me where the upside to having a child is? And, furthermore, what’s the downside of this quick fix to a potentially life (as you know it)-ending problem? I see none.
Men are the ones who need to be scared. Once we ejaculate, we officially relinquish all control over decisions made about our sperm. Now, one might say we should have used a c
ondom, or pulled-out, or not had sex in the first place. And one would be right. But once the damage is done, life becomes about damage control. And, unfortunately, if we don’t want that kid we are SOL. Is it fair? No, not at all, but as every feminist in my audience will say “Until you start going through childbirth, shut the fuck up.” So why men would be frightened of a pregnancy, I understand. But a female? Shit, you can have that issue dealt with and still make it in for a half-day at the office.
Before any of you jump down my throat with “You’re not a woman, you wouldn’t understand,” let me
tell you about a young lady I know: She is young, extremely intelligent, attractive and not promiscuous by any stretch of the imagination. She got a 3.9 in undergrad while being president of about 15 different organizations and working several different internships. She plans to become an attorney and has just started a prestigious law school in California. Point is she is poised for success. I once asked her what she would do if she ever fucked up and got pregnant and you know what she told me? “It’d be like a stomach virus: I’d get up, go to the gym, go the doctor and get rid of it then go to my 1:00 class. Easy.” You all should be as objective as this young lady. No unwanted brat is going to stand in her way.
If you are young and promiscuous, you must believe in legalized abortion. It is yo
ur “Get out of Parenthood Free” card. Love it. Embrace it. To believe anything else is hypocritical. Otherwise, you’ll be getting a lot of late-night drunk dials from me asking if you feel better about yourself while I'm out partying and you're changing diapers. God bless abortion. I just wish others who believed in God saw it the same way.


Blogger SUZANNE said...

No unwanted brat is going to stand in her way.

Can you feel the love?

Never mind that loving a child is rewarding and probably more of a contribution to society than anything done in the boardroom.

What utter materialistic NON-SENSE.

And notice how he doesn't confront the issue of whether abortion kills a baby. Totally sidestepping the issue.

The answer to unloved children isn't to love them: it's to kill them. Ridiculous! The answer to children who are not loved is to love them.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Hailey said...

No, Suzanne, I can't feel the love but I'm unaware of the pro-choice movement ever portraying themselves as a movement that is about love. I also don't believe that they have ever commented on whether or not sexuality should be consistently inclusive of love. I don't think that they would expect two partners to love each other or behave in a loving way towards each other let alone a child.

I don't believe he sidestepped the issue of whether or not abortion kills a child. I think he regards it as unimportant - that's a statement in and of itself.

I am thankful for his candor. This is the voice of the pro-choice movement. He is just more bold than the average person within that movement. He doesn't just whisper those thoughts to like-minded people - he shares them with the world.

11:25 AM  
Blogger White Dade said...

You are correct in that I do not use a euphemism for my beliefs like "Pro-Choice." I do not speak for that particular movement, however, but rather for myself and young, prmoscuous people (male and female) evrywhere. that is, if you choose to engage in that lifestyle, you must be in favor of aboriton (not choice, abortion) otherwise you are a hypocrite. My post was not about a woman's right to choose. it was about the poor social ramifications of having a child when you are not equipped to have one. Should those people probably engage in safer sex practices? Of course. but are they going to? In my experience, no.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Hailey said...

No you don't speak for the pro-choice movement. No one person can speak for an entire movement.

I do believe that you represent the voice of many who support abortion.

Thank you for writing!

11:49 AM  

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