Saturday, August 26, 2006

And the feminists speak

Maureen Fan of the Washington Post ran an article recently highlighting the story of a blind man in China who was bringing public attention to the human rights violations in China such as forced abortions, forced sterilizations etc.

A blind rural activist who attracted international attention for exposing forced abortions and sterilizations in eastern China was sentenced to four years and three months in prison......Supporters of the activist, Chen Guangcheng, immediately denounced the verdict, which came less than a week after a closed-door trial at which he had been deprived of his defense team.

His supporters say the charges were trumped up to retaliate against him for preparing a class action lawsuit that embarrassed local family planning officials last year. He took testimony from thousands of residents who said officials had raided the homes of families with two children and demanded that at least one parent be sterilized. They also said authorities had forced women pregnant with a third child to have abortions. has the full article.

I believe it is self-evident that if an activist was jailed for four years for protesting perceived insufficient access to abortion or birth control that the pro-choice would stand up and support this person. That there has not been a peep uttered about this violation of human rights and that there is not a peep uttered about forced abortions and sterilizations should be interpreted as nothing less than silent support.

Not having access to abortion is a terrible thing worth fighting for. Forced abortion? Forced sterilization? Ah, well...too many babies anyway!


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