Thursday, August 24, 2006

Abortion risks being withheld

HITTING the headlines yesterday is the big news that a US federal judge has ruled that cigarette makers are liable for a decades-long conspiracy to hide the dangers of smoking.
This is a major step forward and hopefully one that will have a flow-on effect in our country as well.
Oh, that it would convince people not to start in the first place!
But as members of the public, are we also hoodwinked by those who would also ‘deny, distort, and minimise the dangers’ of another very profitable industry, namely the abortion industry?
There are major research studies these days to clearly show that abortion also has many serious risks associated with it, and here of course, I am only speaking of the life of the mother and her wider family.
Abortion does not solve mental health risks but indeed causes them.
The effects are put in the same class as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder such as our Vietnam Veterans may suffer from.
There are physical risks as well.
So much for many vulnerable women and their families who are told that this is a quick fix solution!
Who is going to call this industry to account, or are we going to allow many others to be hurt by this conspiracy for decades also?

Although I believe that prolife advocates in their great passion to promote their message often overstate the level of risk associated with a first trimester abortion I also believe that the pro-choice presents it as no more complicated than a teeth cleaning! It is a surgery and has the risks inherent in surgery. My hope is that women who experience physical complications following an abortion will speak out and hold abortion doctors accountable if they were not provided with adequate information.

Anyone interested in this issue should read lime 5 by Mark Crutcher.


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