Thursday, August 24, 2006

Local MP Leon Benoit is sparing no effort to save his seat, but challenger Len Landry promises to give him a run for his money profiled the current circumstance of Mr. Benoit who is facing the challenge of his seat in his Vegreville-Wainright riding. A former member of his campaign team announced his intention to challenge him for the Conservative nomination.

Mr. Benoit is a man with a strong pro-life record and who has shown great compassion to Mrs. Talbot, a woman in Alberta who lost a daughter and grandchild to homicie.

Even with Mr. Harper's clearly stated 2006 election position that he would prevent any abortion legislation under his watch.Mr. Benoit courageously brought forward legislation that would have address unborn victims of homicide when their mothers were expecting and a third party committed a crime under the Criminal Code. Although Mr. Benoit did not believe, based on his research, that this would compromise the pro-choice platform of Mr. Harper it appears that the formerly pro-life Victor Toews, Minister of Justice, disagreed with him and alerted voting CPC's on the committee that it would contravene that promise.

Mr. Benoit has been a steadfast and courageous supporter of the unborn despite the milieu of the CPC leadership on abortion and he is to be applauded. Prolife people - CPC, liberal, NDP, CHP - should support Mr. Benoit with a note of encouragement, a vote if you live in the riding and can vote, or a financial donation for his campaign.

He is a rare and courageous voice in the House of Commons.


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