Friday, August 25, 2006

A better response to rape did a wonderful job of presenting the issue of women who conceive children following the crime of rape.

John Henry Western writes:

In Canada and most other liberal countries capital punishment is outlawed and usually opposed by a healthy majority of the population. That is all well and good. I too oppose capital punishment in those nations where the penal system is sufficient to keep dangerous criminals out of harms way.
However, many of these so-called liberal countries, accept abortion, and most began their acceptance of abortion with accepting abortion in the hard cases of rape and incest.
However, in a civilized country we punish the guilty and not the innocent. So why are we suggesting capital punishment for the innocent unborn child rather than the guilty rapist?
We do not usually suggest criminal penalty for the children of those who commit crimes so why are we suggesting capital punishment for the child of the rapist?
Secondly, abortion is harmful to the women that undergo it. Childbirth is a natural function that women's bodies were made for. Abortion is not. Abortion is a traumatic event psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Why are we giving more trauma to the victim of rape by encouraging her to abort her child?
Carrying such a child to term has been for many women a help in coming to grips with the abuse they suffered. Many victims of rape and children born of such attacks have testified to these truths.

It is difficult to understand how we as a society that doesn't allow capital punishment (and rightly so!) against hardened criminals who have murdered and raped are prepared to end the life of an innocent unborn because of the criminal choices of their father. Utterly tragic that our society can't offer a frightened hurting victim of sexual assault a better option than a dead baby. Our society needs to work together to STOP rape from happening, to hold men who rape accountable, and by nurturing victims back to full emotional health. Children who are conceived following a rape need to be embraced along with their mother with unbridled love and support.

That a developed nation has nothing better to offer than a dead baby is unbelievable.


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