Friday, August 25, 2006

Conservative Government Continuing Pro-Abortion Extremism

John Henry of Lifesitenews. com has an article appearing today talking about the Conservative Government continuing pro-Abortion Extremism at United Nations
By John-Henry Westen
NEW YORK The switch to a Conservative Government seems to have had little effect on the pro-abortion activism of Canadian representatives at the United Nations. While pro-life Canadians did not expect that the Harper government would be pro-life, it did have hopes that the radical promotion of a global right to abortion by Canadian delegates at the UN would cease.
Such radicalism has seen several important United Nations documents held up by Canada's insistence that a right to abortion be included in the wording, a position which is intolerable to numerous African and Latin American countries.
The current deliberation at the UN over the first convention on the rights of persons with disabilities is no exception. The General Assembly Committee is drafting the convention but its approval is being delayed by the insistence that the document ensure provision of "sexual and reproductive health services" which include abortion according to an explanation of the phrase at a prior UN conference.
Twenty three nations objected to the inclusion of the phrase "sexual and reproductive health services" and even the International Disabilities Caucus (IDC), the powerful disabilities lobby, has agreed to the deletion of that phrase in the hopes of moving the deliberations beyond the impasse. However, Canada is, along with Europe, insisting on the inclusion of the abortion-promoting language.
"It seems that every convention the UN deals with from children's rights to rights for the disabled has become an opportunity for Canada and its pro-abortion allies to attempt to foist abortion on those nations of the world that still value the right to life of the unborn," Jim Hughes, Vice President of International Right to Life told He noted that this policy was initiated and strongly supported by Canada's previous Liberal governments.
Hughes, who is also President of Campaign Life Coalition Canada encouraged Canadians to contact their MPs and the Conservative leadership to demand that the radical insistence by Canadian delegates for abortion on demand around the globe come to an end.

Belinda Stronach's former boyfriend, Peter McKay and Prime Minister Harper would be good resources to write.

We need to find out why a Conservative government is continuing with this travesty.


Blogger vicki said...

Good points Hailey. Glad you are watching UN activities. While I'm not sure what the process is when there is a change in government,I would suggest that some of the 'official' (delegates) at the UN representing Canada may be some of the NGO(non govrnment officials) that Gwen Landolt refers to often in her battles with Canadian participation at the UN. Could these people be some 'leftovers' from the Lib government, especially some active people from SoW (or SWC)?It is worth following...I'm not sure how much staff actually change over, and it is good that you inform the PMO. How much would he be aware of the pressure that Canadian feminists have been putting on other nations?Gwen Landolt is very informed...I would love to see her take this on.

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