Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Twenty percent of women at Citadel are sexually assaulted

On the news today and published in multiple publications was the information that 20% of women enrolled at a state military college were sexually assaulted. The Lt. Gen released the statistics publicly and acknowledged that there was a significant problem on campus.

Of the 27 assaults identified only 17 were reported due to fear of harassment or ridicule. The assaulted involved unwanted touching in some cases but 16 out of 17 incidents were women and 15 out of 23 with men involved unwanted sexual penetration or oral sex.

Half of women in U.S. Military academies experienced some form of sexual harassment since they enrolled.

Amazing to me that 20% of women may be sexually assaulted by their comrades. They'd almost have a better chance captured by the enemy!

While I applaud the leadership of making this survey public and being willing to start a dialogue. That might work with people who tell jokes in poor taste or the like. I think that men who would force oral or vaginal intercourse on a woman are not the type of people that are going to experience change through conversation. Rapists need removed from any position in the military. They need to be in jail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Co-Ed living arrangements ?
I think those assault numbers are probably on par with your Co-Ed College dorm stats..
Go figure ?
We need to look at the big picture

10:34 AM  

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