Thursday, August 24, 2006

This little gem to the left is the baby in the infamous "Life or Death" pamphlet where the top half shows a baby born alive at 20 weeks with a photograph of an aborted baby the same gestation. I chose not to show that picture because it might be too graphic for some tastes.

In the photograph you can see the nurse putting her wedding band on the forearm of the child so that should highlight the remarkably small size of the baby. That vulnerable little soul!

This baby represents the age when a child can still be legally aborted in Canada.

The CPC had an opportunity to support legislation against partial birth abortions performed on children of this gestational age but chose not to. Mr. Harper promised in the election that he would do anything and everything to ensure no abortion legislation was tabled on his watch. A promise he has fulfilled with gusto!

While a person who posted a message was right that we don't know Mr. Harper's position on abortion I think we know that it's not a priority - it's an item he wishes to avoid. He is quite comfortable with ongoing abortions occuring or not - he just wishes to win. His inaction on abortion shows his comfort with the status quo of pro-choice legislation. He is, unmistakably, pro-choice.


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