Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Update on Ed Snell Story: Alleged Perpetrator Nathan Richardson is Named

Penn Live has shared the name of the alleged perpetrator in their news story. A story that was absent from mainstream media since the event.

In 20 years of protesting at abortion clinics in central Pennsylvania, Ed Snell has had his share of confrontations.

People have screamed at him, spit in his face and knocked his cap off. About 10 years ago, Snell said, a man grabbed him by the throat and choked him outside a now-closed clinic in downtown Harrisburg.

In the past, he's brushed off the confrontations. But after a recent incident in which he cracked his head on the pavement and was hospitalized, Snell, 69, of Penbrook, said he's rethinking his approach.

Balance of story is here

It will be interesting how this unfolds - what the different versions will be - what witnesses Mr. Richardson will be able to produce - if the clinic will be called on to confirm their initial comments applauding what happened and what they will say, etc.

Ultimately though I hope that this elderly man experiences a full recovery. While I do not believe his approach is best I think it's shameful that, if the accusation is accurate, that a young man in his early 20's could cause some vicious injuries to an elderly person. If the story is accurate I hope that the consequences of such an act linger for this man into his future. Anyone with the capacity to harm an elderly person has a frightening temper. At the same time I think it's important to realize that he may have a different version or a context to share.


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