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A Catholic Voters Overview

I found the thoughts of this Catholic Blogger interesting

Before you get up on your britches here me out. I don’t like talking about Abortion, I would rather ignore it as I have done for the last 25 years or so. I am a bit of an anti-authoritarian type; I don’t like to be told I need to wear a seatbelt, or that I can’t smoke cigars in public or I need to pay my taxes. I am a lapse Catholic, not even an A&P Catholic anymore, but that does not mean I still don’t hold to a Catholic morality or philosophy, that has been branded into me, by my Irish Mother.

I have grown up under the cloud of Roe vs. Wade where a few white men, 5 to be exact now have determined for the whole nation that Abortion is legal. Notwithstanding the fact that they have no “Authority under the Constitution to make such a decision”, the Constitution only allows federal courts to hear cases regarding the “regulation of interstate commerce.” Ron Paul’s position is that it is up to the individual states to determine the legality of Abortion rather than the Federal government. This I agree, wholeheartedly, but this is not why I am writing the article.

Pope John Paul II tried his best to argue for the “sanctity of life”, however I didn’t find his argument convincing mostly because a priest was telling me that I had to abide by his opinion, the whole “papal infallibility” thing has made the pope a virtual non-entity, regarding moral concerns. I don’t pay attention to anyone that claims they are always right, it is a ludicrous idea and I believe it hurts the church rather than helps it, at this point. If you can walk on water and ascend to heaven, then I might believe you,… maybe.

I have always been opposed to Abortion, it is an emotional response, primal. I can’t understand how a mother can kill her own child? I have heard all the arguments, a woman doesn’t have the money, the lack of maturity, but what most gets me about the abortion question, is not why women get abortions, but that they call it a Right? The Right to choose. The right to choose what? To kill a baby? In ancient times they would call this human sacrifice.

Abortion is our modern-day human sacrifice ritual. It is an unconcious mechanism because we don’t acknowledge that we are taking a life. American women have killed over 55 million kids since Roe vs. Wade was instituted in 1972. When a woman goes in for an abortion, after the baby is sucked out of the womb, neither doctors or nurses look at the child. They all know as I do, as I am writing this that is a sickening and horrifying procedure, it is a tragedy not a right. In 25 years of hearing women proclaim that Abortion is a right, I have never met one that was not severely emotionally damaged. The woman that I have been in relationships with that have had Abortions are dead on a certain level, often they have some form of sexual dysfunction; such as not being able to have an orgasm. Women who have had abortions are often are extremely self destructive sexually, having multiple partners and are unable to form a lasting bond with a man. Women often complain that Men are irresponsible and not men, while that may be true on a certain level. From a Man’s perspective, I don’t have much respect for a woman who feels that it is her right to have 3-4 lovers at the same time or that she can kill a child that I created without my consent. That really does not turn me on or create a feeling that I want to live the rest of my life with this woman. So yea, I will treat her like a whore and have a one-night stand with her. If it is a right to choose, then you need to also take responsibility for the enormous “guilt and shame” that will come with that choice. I was caught stealing at 15. I went home crying and felt awful for weeks after, I would not get out of bed and I could not bear to see other people, especially those who knew I was a thief. Increase this by a factor of a 100, I can only imagine what a woman must feel like after an Abortion.

Now getting to Ron Paul, Dr. Ron Paul. He was a vietnam surgeon for 5 years, think Hawkeye and a baby obstetrician for 20, he delivered over 4000 babies. He obvious has have this conversation on Abortion with thousands of women. I saw him on the view and he sat in the middle of 5 liberal Pro-choice women. They immediately launched into an attack on the Abortion topic, I was wincing just thinking about what he was going to say.

He casually said that Abortion is an act of violence and that his oath as a doctor is to protect life not take it, he was not self-righteous as a Huckabee or a George Bush. Ron Paul then turned the question around and started talking about late term abortion, he said do you believe in late term abortion? None of them said yes, they all said of course not. he then changed the question to one that fundamentally you do not agree in abortion is a right. The women were dumb-founded, I was dumbfounded, there were perhaps for the first time being taught to think on a deep level about the meaning of Abortion that just the knee-jerk political slogans being propagated by the Liberal left.
It was then a question of when a fetus became a life. Ron Paul then brought up the fact that he could be sued for murder if he screwed up as a doctor at any stage of the pregnancy. By the end of the interview, these women were actually starting to like Ron Paul as everyone invariable does who meets the guy. The good Doctor is actually healing both women and men of this horrific tragedy known as Abortion and getting them to think on a deeper more philosophical way than just the standard black and white thinking being promulgated by the Main Stream media. With Ron Paul, what we have on our hands is a living character out of a Norman Rockwell painting. A man steadfast in his beliefs, who does not wear his religion on his sleeve, a very catholic viewpoint from a man who is the son of a Protestant dairy farmer.


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You've made some good points.

I think there are some other points people who support abortion miss though. I have posted them here.

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