Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Trenton Quick: A disturbing end to a short life

Disturbing Details in Death of 4-Year-old Boy

Eyewitness News has uncovered new information in the murder case involving 4-year-old Trenton Quick, the little boy police say died as a result of child abuse.

North Las Vegas police arrested the little boy's mom, 24-year-old Amber Scott and her boyfriend 21-year-old Trevor Carter, in connection with the death. Both made their first appearance in court Friday via video. Carter, who is charged with murder, was denied bail. Scott's bail was set at $40,000. She is charged with abuse and neglect.

Details of the child abuse have not been released, but coworkers and family members of Scott say they are positive 4-year-old Trenton did not die in the car accident that police say Trevor Carter staged.

In the hours following the bail hearing, Amber Scott made a call to coworkers, who talked with Eyewitness News.

Family members and coworkers say Trenton had an accident in his pants early Tuesday morning and Trevor Carter, who goes by the nickname TJ was not happy. They say Amber, how was at work, talked with Trenton on the phone.

"She could hear TJ screaming in the background and saying 'I'm not putting up with your kid (expletive) in his pants anymore. He's 4-years-old. He's a little old to be doing this.' Amber said 'just clean it up' and 'I'll take care of it when I get home,'"kathryn Averitt, coworker.

Scott's coworker says the little boy then told his mom he got "whooped real bad." The coworker says not too long after that phone call, Amber Scott got another call at work about a car accident in North Las Vegas and that her little boy was dead.

The two other children who were living in the home are still in protective custody.


Blogger Mandyjean said...

I know Amber. She is a good person and a responsible, loving mother. I hate how the media is acting like she had a part in this. She is a loving mother. The only thing she did wrong was put trust in that guy. Im sure the guilt from that alone is killing her. I love you Amber and Trenton,I hope you make it through this. -Mandy

3:09 PM  
Blogger Mandyjean said...

Amber I know you didnt have any part in this... I love you and Trenton. I hope you guys make it through this. Give your other babies hugs for me. I am so sorry.
Love Mandy.

3:12 PM  

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