Sunday, August 27, 2006

In Love with a Deadbeat: The ultimate outcome of the pro-choice point of view

The National Center for Men now is running a "Choice for Men" project.

Choice for Men is a project that is about believing that men have been trapped and tricked into parenthood by women and they wish to have the same option to relinquish their parental responsibilities as women due under Roe vs Wade in the United States of America.

It is their position that due to mechanical or human failure rate with birth control or when women are untruthful to them that pregnancies that are unplanned are a natural part of a sexually active life and that men should have the option to opt out of parenting.

The outcome of this will be expectant mothers feeling undersupported and an increase in the number of women who feel coerced to abort because of that reality. An increase in the number of children born without the benefit of financial and emotional support from both parents and a diminshed quality of life for children.

The feminist movement has been splintered in their reaction to it. Some believe that it is a natural outcome of allowing both parents a full range of choices and concur that there are times when a man is "trapped" into a set of circumstances and should be able to walk away. Others feel that a born child is entitled to the support of both parents with no ability to opt out after birth. They also point to the male birth control options that are available in order for a man to diminish the likelihood of being "lied to"

The website offers the story from the perspective of a woman, a former pro-choice activist, who feel in love with a man whose child was conceived during an allegedly abusive relationship and untruths about birth control being utilized

She now refers to the woman who conceived a child with her partner as "a uterus opportunist", talks about speaking with her stepchild's mother telling her to tell the child that "she doesn't have a father" and she was "conceived out of spite and revenge" !! Pro-choicers have the best bedtime stores for children!! She talks about her step-daughter's mother and her female family members as women who are "in the baby business" making a mocking reference to them having children with men who were ill-prepared to be parents.

It is rather interesting to see the outcome of Roe vs Wade now being turned into a right for men that is being touted as "the next Roe vs Wade" by the community of fathers who are demanding choice for themselves. They see an inherent unfairness in the USA abortion laws and want the same opportunity to exclude themselves as men. They have the support of some, but not all, feminists.

The outcome of this, if successful, will be an elevated number of children living in poverty.
That doesn't bother the feminists - it's about choice.

The outcome of this, if successful, will be an elevated number of abortions.
That doesn't bother the feminists.

The outcome of this, if successful, will be an elevated number of children not having the benefit of two emotionally involved parents.

That doesn't bother the feminists.

This is the long-anticipated long-predicted outcome of their arguments and like past decisions the persons most likely to be hurt are children.


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