Sunday, August 27, 2006

Barefoot, pregnant, and quiet - A feminist dream.

It appears that the progressive web discussions include pleas for women who are not like-minded to be silent.

A left wing progressive site offered some links to various sites that were commenting on the whole controversy around the Status of Women. In one of the link it sited me as a conservative blogger participating in the campaign. While I am not a conservative I can understand that assumption as that does represent the majority of women participating. Infact, I don't have membership in REAL women nor would I purchase one! I simply do not want my dollars used to promote an organization that does not speak for me and professes to do so. I noticed, however, that they referred to me as "Hailey-Mary" which would be anti-Catholic remark. It is also strange that when an organization is striving to promote the position that they represent the diversity of women that their supporters would insult all Catholic women - a religion that represents the largest faith group for Canadian women.

Suzanne's Big Blue Wave also talks about the feminist response to women who are not like-minded expressing themselves

I will not link to the blog because I don't want to read the profanity and hostility directly. This, however, stands out as a particularly insightful quote

REAL women my ass. If they really believed in their shit they should shut the fuck up, stay at home barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

A real treasure find. A clear indication that the type of person who advocates and supports the Status of Women is not interested in listening to the diversity of voices among women, respecting more traditional choices like staying home, honouring a range of reproductive decisions including childbearing, and so forth. They are interested in women who live traditional lives sitting nicely and quietly while others speak for them. They are interested in mocking and de-valuing women when they make different choices.

I would invite everyone who was sitting on the fence and contemplating where they stood on this issue realize that this bold statement is very much an "in your face truth" said in a moment of passion. It is, however, the truth about how women who are homemakers, mothers, and who have chosen a more traditional life are valued by so many advocates in that movement.

This is how they feel.

This is what they think about you.

This is what they think of your children.

Don't let them speak for you.


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