Tuesday, August 22, 2006

PLAGAL (www.plagal.org) is a part of the pro-life movement that reflects a rather non-traditional voice in the pro-life movement. It is also an organization that is not without controversy including being assaulted by angry pro-choice people in 1995 and Nellie Gray of the pro-life making an issue with their presence at the March for Life in 2002. Full details here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pro-Life_Alliance_of_Gays_and_Lesbians .

Such controversies aside I was fortunate to have the opportunity to put a very human face to PLAGAL and to the abortion issue itself when I "meet" online a woman named Maria who is a board member of PLAGAL.

Maria has shared her testimony publicly and I think that it's a powerful testimony. Maria grew up the daughter of a seminarian and has never lost her faith. In addition to giving her seeds of Christian faith her childhood years allowed her to see and experience the pro-life message. Her faith and her commitment to a pro-life philosophy have continued over the years.

Maria was a victim of rape and a child was conceived from that crime. Maria's faith allowed her to see the baby as a blessing and she found the courage within herself to give life. She was placed for adoption and is enjoying a wonderful life with her adoptive parents.

When Maria proceeded with the pregnancy she lost key personal relationshps and did not receive any support from either the gay and lesbian community or members of the Christian church. Honestly, that's inexcusable. She managed independent of that support and relied only on her persistent courage and her pro-life convictions.

Maria's birth daughter is ten years old now and doing well. Her mother's faith remains rich. Her confidence in her decision to give birth to the baby remains unshakable and steadfast.

Often times pro-life activists are asked the compelling question as to how a society should respond to a mother who has a baby conceived from rape. Many understandably grapple with how to respond to that sensitive complex issue. It is wonderful when living examples of women who have faced that very circumstance are able to come forward and share their testimony. A testimony that speaks of the beauty and strength of giving life.

Maria and women like her are a blessing to the children that they bore. They model courage to women who have been sexually assaulted and reflect such a strong persistent spirit in the face of the difficult healing to come. Maria and women like her are a blessing to the pro-life movement as they provide a very positive living example to the world .

They are a living breathing challenge to the notion that the best solution for a victim is a dead child.

Thank you, Maria, for blessing me with sharing your story with me.


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