Saturday, September 02, 2006

An unlikely voice

Thank you to for this creative idea!

One would never think of a member of Van Halen being a voice for the unborn!

Then, earlier this month, Rock for Choice’s lesser-known counterpart, Rock for Life.... released a letter addressing the question of when life begins. Addressed to Pearl Jam’s lead singer, the "Open Letter to Eddie Vedder" probably wouldn’t have garnered much attention on its own - except that it was written and signed by the front man for legendary rock group Van Halen.
"When does a woman become a woman?" wrote Gary Cherone, tapped last year as Van Halen’s third lead singer. "A woman ... begins life as a single cell, a zygote – that stage in human development through which we all pass."

Bryan Kemper, national director of Rock for Life, is just happy that a big name is finally speaking out. "Thousands of babies have died, thanks to efforts of bands like Pearl Jam," Kemper said. "It’s about time someone like Gary stood up for the rights of these babies."

"This is just the voice of Gary Cherone," Van Halen publicist Karen Moss told Boundless when asked whether the band shares Cherone’s pro-life views. "This is not the position of Van Halen whatsoever. It has nothing to do with their music. It has nothing to do with the direction of the band."
Kemper said Cherone was already frustrated with the growing number of musicians who were championing the pro-abortion movement when earlier this year he heard Kemper sharing his pro-life views on a Los Angeles radio talk show. Then in April, Cherone watched Kemper on Politically Incorrect,a late-night television talk show.
Seeing the opportunity, Cherone contacted Kemper.
"We’ve talked every night for the past month," Kemper said. The two became fast friends and after many hours of talking sanctity of life and other issues, Cherone came up with the letter idea. "For him, this is a coming out of the closet ... as a solid pro-lifer," Kemper said.
For Kemper, Cherone’s letter meant newfound exposure for Rock for Life. Founded by Kemper in 1994, the group works primarily with Christian bands to spread the pro-life message to teens. Rock for Life’s visibility jumped considerably in October, when it joined the American Life League, the largest pro-life educational organization in the world.
But the group’s affiliation with Cherone scored mentions in several major entertainment-industry publications and landed Kemper another appearance last week on Politically Incorrect.
In return, American Life League plans to present Cherone with a "Courage Award" at an Aug. 14 ceremony in Washington, D.C.


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