Monday, August 28, 2006

Saying no to Patriarch - well, sometimes!


I expect women from diverse political backgrounds to disagree and for the debate on these topics to be rich and lively.

I did not expect that everyone will walk away agreeing but I think we can at least understand different views.

I, for example, obtained a more detailed understanding of the differences between NAC and Status of Women with previously only having a generalized understanding. I would also have to agree that the Status of Women has done some credible work - I just believe that it can be done on a different umbrella.

I also agree with the concerns that were raised about REAL women. Not all of them but some of them. I am not a supporter of REAL women - I am a supporter of the Status of Women not being considered an advocate or a spokesperson for all women. They are NOT a spokesperson for me.

What I hadn't expected is that male participants in the discussion would participate on blogs and even feminist forums in efforts to silence or mock women with a point of view that didn't embrace funding for Status of Women.

And I certainly didn't expect feminists to support that. To laugh at it. To applaud it. To celebrate it.

I had, naively, assumed that feminists believed that all women deserved respected. That all women deserved to be treated like valued people who were contributing to the world. That all women deserved not to be told by a man to be quiet and to stop speaking.

While I've never been the most keen person on feminism I had retained at least some hope that they would not think that other women deserved abuse.

I hadn't thought that men would be applauded when they attacked other women.

But, I was wrong.

Women who make traditional choices are not valued.

Women who make traditional choices should be mocked.

Their role with their children deserves to be mocked.

Their role with their home and family deserves to be mocked.

Women who have a different point of view need to be quiet.

And, clearly, they need a man to tell them that.

And that's alright with the feminists.

What a message to the world that SOME women can be berated. That SOME women can be mistreated. That SOME women should be silent.


Blogger SUZANNE said...

Great post!

The best I've seen is when feminists tell us traditional women to go back to the kitchen.

Talk about becoming what you hate.

7:21 PM  

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