Saturday, September 02, 2006

Save Roe!

This is the rallying cry of many in the pro-choice movement in the United States of America. They have entered a time when they believe that Roe vs Wade may be struck down and are quick to express their vulnerability. Often times you will see them at rallies with their "Save Roe!" signs.

For those of you who don't know Roe is saved.

Norma McCorvey is the person known as Roe. She was an expectant mother who wanted to have an abortion and became the test case for abortion rights. It took three years for her case to reach the United States Supreme Court. She had given birth by the time it went to the Supreme court.

Norma McCorvey came out and publicly identified herself as the individual in the Roe vs Wade case in the 1980's. She wrote of her bisexuality in the 1994 autobiography "I am Roe"

Norma McCorvey was unapologetically pro-choice for most of her life and she was, infact a key staff at an abortion clinic in Texas for several years.

She had had angry negative interactions with pro-life activists and a particular activist linked with operation rescue stood out to her as being particularly annoying. On August 8, 1995 that man baptized her on national television and accepted the Christian faith. Two days later she shared with the world that she was going to be a solid pro-life advocate.

Norma McCorvey has written a beautiful booked called "Won by Love" that speaks to her conversion.


there is no need to hold sgns up...

there is no need to fret...

Roe is saved.


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