Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tell Your Abortion Story

Luke at tells his abortion story.

I am a 20 year old sophomore at Liberty University. I have two sisters, one who is with me here at college and the other who is in the 8th grade. My story is about my younger sister. She is 14 years old now. When my mother was pregnant with her, the doctors recommended her to have an abortion. They told my mom that, because of several problems with the pregnancy, if she chose to have the baby then the baby would at best be mentally or physically handicapped, but would most likely be a vegetable. My mom, being a woman who believed that abortion is wrong, chose to go through with the pregnancy anyway, even though the doctors told her that her own life would be at risk. I am very glad that my mother went through with having my little sister Dawn. Dawn is a very special girl. When she was born, she seemed healthy in every way. The doctors began to test her hearing and test her to see if she was mentally handicapped. To all of the doctor's surprise, she was totally normal in every way. She is now an eight grader making the A/B honor role and she is a cheerleader for her school. She took gymnastics and played soccer as well. She is normal in every way, and I would even venture to say that she is above average in most things. We like to tease her because she talks so much, especially for a girl who wasn't supposed to talk at all. If my mother had listened to those doctors, I would not have my little sister in my life today. A lot of people have abortions because the doctors think the baby will be a vegetable. This story proves that they can be very wrong. And even if they are not wrong you need to realize that God does not make mistakes with his creation. If my little sister had turned out to be a vegetable, I would have loved her just as much. Thinking about this story makes me think about all of the babies who were killed for this reason. Thinking about what these supposedly "vegetable" babies could have accomplished in this world is scary. Dawn's future is so bright and she has so many opportunities. I encourage anyone who is thinking about having an abortion to think about how life will be for that kid 14 years from now. How bright will their future be? By aborting that baby, you are killing not only a life, but also a legacy. Dawn will succeed in whatever she does in life, because she has unlimited potential; your baby does too! Don't destroy it out of what is most convenient for you. That is the most selfish thing anyone could ever do.


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