Thursday, December 21, 2006

Judy Rebick's departure from the Greens

For those of you who follow the abortion issue it is old news that Judy Rebick has left the Green party because she felt that Elizabeth May's comments on abortion were not sufficiently pro-choice.

Elizabeth May supports access to abortion without restriction but she acknowledged in her statements before people of faith that she saw the validity of being concerned that a life was involved in abortion but she balanced that with the belief that women's lives were endangered if they decided on illegal abortion if a legal abortion was not available. That is a cornerstone pro-choice argument since the 1970's. If you read the literature of NARAL back then and if you even read current literature one of the reasons that they cite for compelling safe legal abortion is that they feel it will always exist and we must choose between legal and illegal.

Ms. May also talked about her own personal conflict with abortion. My understanding of pro-choice rhetoric is that it's acknowledged that abortion is a decision you are uncomfortable with but you can still be pro-choice if you are prepared to set that aside and support legal access to abortion. When did this become insufficient to be pro-choice?

The list goes on and on and on......

Abortion isn't something just allowed to be accepted as a necessary thing ....
abortion is something to be celebrated and nurtured within our culture...
it's to be normalized and desirable.....

It's not a difficult situation with a different range of outcomes to choose from....
it's a beautiful thing to be celebrated.

The prochoice is moving increasingly to the left separating themselves from mainstream Canadians who may support abortion but still grapple with related questions. As they get more spit upon (symbolically) by the "I love abortion" crowd the radical nature of the pro-choice will become more apparent and more troublesome.

The radicals think that you don't just have to accept abortion as a necessity but you must celebrate it.

These are the people that talk about wearing signs that say "I regret my child"
These are the people that wear t-shirts that say "I love abortion" or "I had an abortion"
The people that believe that abortion is a sacrament or a blessing.
These are the people that see a trip to an abortion provider and a trip to the dentist as morally comparable.

Ms. May is pro-choice and she will never have my support but I thank her for giving the pro-life the opportunity to point out to the Canadian public the extreme nature of the pro-choice movement...and how the very slogans and positions that they once embraced ...teaching people that abortions would occur illegally so should be allowed on that basis alone...that you could oppose abortion and have reservations but still be pro-choice...they now spit upon and distance themselves..moving further away from the center with each passing year...

The greatest hope though is that the pro-life is becoming more represented with each passing year. The pro-life is also the community having the children with pro-choice people having smaller families or no families at all. The face of our society is becoming increasingly pro-life. Our hope is in the next generation. Every child a pro-choice woman has is truly a survivor.


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