Monday, October 02, 2006

A response to Le Revue Gauche

Le Revenue Gauche website poses questions to people who are pro-life. Lets break it down.

The Canadian blogosphere has been inundated by the anti-abortion, anti-choice, anti-women rantings of Christian Conservative moralists. Using the same old offensive assaults on those who disagree with them. As I have posted here.

People who are against abortion have as much right to discuss abortion as those who are in favour of abortion rights. I do not agree that it's an offensive assault to discuss the recent cases of forced abortion that have created media attention and the noteworthy absence of public outcry from pro-choice people. I believe that if a pro-life parent had taken their child at gunpoint to prevent an abortion they would have been rightfully outraged but this young expectant mother who simply wanted to give birth has no support from pro-choice circles. I find that odd.

A simple question for these moral simpletons, since you claim to be Pro-Life I take it you are opposed to Capital Punishment and War, both the very essence of anti-life . I look forward to your vociferous pontifications on these anti-life topics. Especially from the Catholic bloggers. But I suspect that war and capital punsihment can be justified. However many moral twists and turns that takes.

I think it's offensive in a discussion to call those who disagree "simpletons" but I will at least acknowledge that it's superior to "cunt" and "slut" which are terms that other progressive men have used in referring to women who stay at home with their children.

I can't answer for the entire pro-life movement but I am against capital punishment. In terms of war I can't make that sweeping statement. I believe that WWII was a necessary war and I am sorry we didn't stop the holocaust. I do not agree with the current war in Iraq. I am not prepared to say that makes every war unnecessary.

As capital punishment is not legal in Canada and that doesn't appear to be changing it's not something I've discussed. That war is won. If I believed that Stephen Harper was bringing back capital punishment I would blog about it.

Of course those who are protestant evangelical fundamentalists face no such moral predicament. They simply justify their anti-choice positon by appealing to mythical family values, the ultimate defense of patriarchy.

A male-led household works for some families and does not work for others. People have to figure out how to make their families work.

Instead of saying abortion is murder and the worst crime in the history of mankind (of course for womankind it is not a crime but a historic neccisity of birth control), lets get real and deal with real crimes against humanity, war and capital punishment.

Abortion is unquestioningly a tragedy and it is a national shame that a developed country such as ours cannot help expectant mothers facing difficulty with a better answer than the death of their baby.

Oh and while we are on the topic of abortion and birth control I hope you support a girls/womans right to know, by providing alternatives to the neccisity of abortion, or worse infanticide, by supporting access to birth control and public sex / human relationships education K-12. Why of course you do

I disagree that abortion is a necessity.

I would give my daughter (if I had one) information about birth control. I would not want that role to be taken over by the school and I would not allow it. The school does not need to discuss health care matters with my child and the school does not need to discuss value-laden topics such as human relationships.If other people want their children to have information through that venue that is their decision as parents and I wouldn't suggest that they don't have a right to ask the school to assume that responsibility.

I do not wish to make information on birth control hard to get for the public as a whole and I don't wish to impede access to consenting adults. I have no desire to create barriers to birth control information or access.


Blogger eugene plawiuk said...

Thank you for the thoughtful response both on my blog and here.
You took up the challenge and answered my questions in a reasonable fashion.
My point was made. We will agree to disagree.
I do wish to make one point though that while we live in Canada the American policy of demanding parents consent prior to adolescents getting birth control information, counselling, or an abortion, the latter now illegal in some states, is an attack on the teen agers individual rights over their body.

You may wish to teach your children, but clearly with the amount of teenage children having children that has not worked as a public health policy.

Anyways. Thanks for the response.

7:37 AM  

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