Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wait for Me...

Wait for Me is a video by Rebecca St. James who is a single Christian music singer who speaks and talks publicly about the importance of abstaining until marriage. She and Josh Harris who wrote the book "I kissed dating goodbye" are great friends and advocates on this cause.

Waiting until marriage was a very important value in my youth group and in my family. I think that the merits of waiting until marriage and the strength that that creates in your marriage should not be diminished. I believe that serial dating and break ups lead to hurts and the hardening of one's heart. You offer less and less of yourself to the next person because you are guarded your heart from ugly hurts. I believe that waiting until marriage allows you to love that person without reservation and with a fullness that just can't exist if you are nursing hurts and have fears about that being repeated. I believe that the emotional impact of premarital sex far outweighs the physical consequences.

Nobody who has made a different decision should be belittled or made feel like less of a person or unwelcome in the faith but I do believe that the merits of waiting until marriage has been lost as a topic of discussion even in some faith communities!


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