Sunday, August 20, 2006

Short of a Miracle: The Story of Heidi Huffman

The beautiful picture to the left shows a mother and daughter. The mother had conceived when she was a teenager and had pursued an abortion. Her daughter survived that abortion and has gone on to become a powerful pro-life speaker. Her daughter's picture reflects her earliest beginnings as a prolife speaker but she is now a married woman and a mother!

More about their story can be found at Priests for Life. I have taken an excerpt from

My mom had an abortion at age seventeen. A couple of weeks later, when her physician examined her, he told her she was still pregnant.
I was born, and today my mom and I tell the world of our story and our love for life. We want to call people away from the darkness of abortion and into the light of God's truth. We have also prayed and demonstrated in front of abortion facilities, and have spoken across the country at churches, crisis pregnancy centers, and universities.
......I believe that all young people are survivors of abortion, just like I am, because they too could have been killed under the current policy of our government, which declared us "non-persons" when we were in the womb. Tina has written a book called "Short of a miracle". She can be contacted directly at PO Box 1343, Easley, SC, 29641.

One day, perhaps, the Sheila Copps, the Steven Harper's, and the Belinda Stronach's of the world can explain to people why her life didn't matter.


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