Sunday, August 20, 2006

Grit Paparrazzi stalking Tory MP's

Michael DeSouza wrote an article for an Ottawa Canwest publication announcing a contest where Liberals would try to get photographs of a rather elusive group of MP's that have embarrassed the party in the past and are suspected, by some, at being shut away by Prime Minister Harper. Excerpts as follows:

"As much as (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper may try to keep these guys in the back, it's important that Canadians know that this is the real face of the Conservative party," said Richard Diamond, president of the Young Liberals of Canada.
The Liberals will give an iPod as a prize for the person who can offer the best picture of one of the seven Conservative MPs on their list -- Rob Anders, Cheryl Gallant, Rahim Jaffer, Collin Mayes, Bob Mills, Pierre Poilievre, and David Sweet. The contest runs until Sept. 4.
Poilievre, who was included on the young Liberal hit list because of some obscene language and gestures that he recently made in Parliament, said he has been visible at a number of public events in his Ottawa-area riding, making several announcements on behalf of the government.
Jaffer, who was singled out because of an incident several years ago when he allowed an aide to impersonate him on a radio interview, said most of his colleagues in caucus have been very active in the House of Commons and their ridings.
"It doesn't surprise me that Liberals would say that they can't see us, because most of the time, they've got their heads buried in the sand," said Jaffer, the Tory caucus chairperson. "It's kind of tough for (Liberals) to see what's going on since their party's in disarray and there's no real organization
"Cheryl Gallant is someone who has come out on the record attacking a woman's right to choose. Rob Anders called Nelson Mandela a terrorist," said Diamond. "These are views that are way out of the mainstream. Canadians need to know that these are the views of their MPs."
The photo scavenger hunt has gotten a lot of attention on Internet blogs, and the young Liberals say they've already gotten more than a dozen entries.
But Poilievre said he'd be happy to see young Liberals at any of his upcoming events.
"Frankly, there's a lot more good news to come, and I hope that the young Liberals will be there to take pictures of it all."

I think it's a rather cute contest but I don't fully agree with the list.


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