Thursday, August 31, 2006

Faith Daniels: The other side of rape

Faith Daniels is a former NBC host who has been on Dateline and on the Today show. She is a graduate of Bethany College and is an accomplished her. She was one of the youngest ever news anchors. She was interviewed in a 1993 people magazine article in which she shared that she was conceived during the violence of rape:

"I came from a terrible event but I am not a bad person. It really doesn't matter how you are conceived....the circumstances of my conception is not a cross to bear or something that I dwell on. Rape is an awful thing but if a child is a child is the result there should be no stigma"

Faith Daniels doesn't believe that abortion is okay in the event of rape. She doesn't think she was a mistake and she doesn't believe that she is burdened by the knowledge of her conception.


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