Friday, January 18, 2008

A controversial pro-life strategy

Some people in Racine say a mass mailing by the local chapter of Wisconsin Right to Life is in poor taste.

The group is defending mailing more than 44,000 plastic fetus statues to homes in and around Racine.

The models began arriving in mailboxes Saturday.

Wisconsin Right to Life spokesman Dave Obernderger syas the intent was to show the humanity of the unborn baby, and was not meant to be offensive.

"The most positive out of this is the discussion that's occuring," says Obernderger.

"I think it's good to have discussion, and I think it's great to hear the positive and the negative. I think we need to have the discussion on this very important issue."

Obernderger calls the mailing the largest undertaking the chapter has had in quite a while, if ever. at the url you'll also find a link to a radio commentary.


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