Sunday, January 13, 2008

A child named Luck:

This clip on 60 minutes was just amazing to me. It's a horrible tale of how Conga has been impacted by rape. How it is being used as weapon of war. How women are being damaged physically and emotionally by it. Women who are tortured. Women who are gang raped. It is a horrible horrible video to watch and I would encourage everyone to take that into consideration if they choose to click and begin watching this clip.

One of the women tells her story of being gang raped, her brother killed in front of her when he refused to engage in raping her, and being taken as a sexual (and physical) slave for 8 months without her born children coming with her - she didn't even know if they were alive. She conceived a child during that period of time and at the end they will show you a clip of her baby. A baby she named Luck which speaks to the great beauty of the human spirit. That someone is able to find hope and luck and good fortune amidst some great challenges and hardships.


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