Sunday, July 01, 2007

A laste minute change of heart

Rosario Dawson describes herself as a "broken-condom baby".
The 'Sin City' star's mother planned to have Rosario aborted, but had a last minute change of heart.
Rosario said: "I'm a broken-condom baby. I was conceived on Avenue X in Brooklyn.
"My mom was about to have an abortion when she felt something move in her stomach.
"It was probably gas but she decided to keep me."
The 28-year-old has not been in contact with her biological father Patrick Harris since she was four-years-old.
Her mother, Isabel - who is half-Puerto Rican, half Afro-Cuban, fell pregnant by the half Irish, half-Native American when she was just 16.
The brunette beauty recently revealed the men in her family are struggling to deal with her sex symbol status.
She said: "My brother was really upset recently. He said, 'I see you at all these premieres and they are screaming out your name and grabbing you. I can't protect you.'
"I never think about being Rosario Dawson, but it's a big deal being Rosario Dawson's family."


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