Sunday, July 08, 2007

Alan Chambers is the President of Exodus International and was also on the Pastoral care team at one of the biggest churches in his Florida community. According to Mr. Chambers he is happily married with two beautiful kids following an adolescence and young adulthood where he was in gay relationships. He is an author, a guest speaker, and has been drawn into public debates on issues related to whether or not people can stop being gay. He is also quite politically active against same sex marriage. In the christian community he is seen as a powerful leader. At the same time he is not seen in a positive light by those people who are gay, who have someone they love who is gay, or who are just socially progressive on principle. is a video showing Mr. Chambers on CNN - there are interjections that come from a gay positive perspective.

He also has a blog and has commented on the recent controversy where people have come out and apologized for teaching that being gay is wrong. His apology has been controversial and the posts have been quite heated. From

In the early 1990's I was a participant in an Exodus Member Ministry and was negatively affected by Darlene Bogle's decision to go back into homosexuality. To have a leader who had written a book, led a ministry and spoken at conferences make such a decision was challenging for me in those early days. I was disappointed and mad. But, I also understood as an adult that we all make mistakes and that just because Darlene went back didn't mean that I couldn't make it. I appreciate the apology she made, but I don't think she was apologizing to people like me. Nonetheless, I forgave her a long time ago for saying things that she now indicates she didn't mean and for causing many to doubt that change was possible.
As for Michael, a man that I genuinely like, I think you have said everything about Exodus that needs to be said. You were involved in an integral part of Exodus in the early days and for that I will always honor you and be grateful as will thousands of others. Exodus helped save my life and you are a hero for pioneering this great work. But, you left very shortly after you came and truth be told, I have now been a part of Exodus far longer than you. I, and so many others, are the ones who have chosen to remain faithful to the mission of this ministry. I encourage you to move on--live your life. People are choosing to live their lives how they see fit---just as you are. You chose something different than me and so many others. Like Darlene, I don't think your apology was for people like me, but I do think both of you owe one to those you hurt when you left this ministry.
To all three of you: Darlene, Michael and Jeremy, your time with Exodus is over and you have said your peace. I encourage all of you to serve the Lord, live your lives and respect the fact that others have, can and will continue to choose a path different than the one you all are on respectively.
I am thankful for Exodus International and the leaders like Frank Worthen, Bob Davies, Joe Dallas, Sy Rogers, Andy Comiskey, Pat Lawrence, and countless others who have shown that people can live beyond homosexuality and that freedom is possible.


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