Thursday, October 19, 2006

Recent acts of abortion violence show prolife is peaceful

Recent acts of violence related to abortion show that abortion and its legalization is more responsible for violence than pro-life advocates. A leading pro-life group says the acts back up its research showing pro-life people are less violent than abortion advocates.
Human Life International recently unveiled a web site featuring the results of its research showing over 7,000 acts of violence and illegal activities by those who support or practice abortion.
Brian Clowes, Ph.D., senior analyst for HLI, points to several recent acts of violence that back up his research.
In a statement provided to, he highlighted the recent kidnapping of a Maine teenager by her parents to take her out of state for a forced abortion, and the case of a Georgia mother who tried to make her daughter drink turpentine to cause her to have an abortion

The pro-choice parents in those situations, I believe, were mentally ill. What was disturbing was the absence of censure from the pro-choice community. You can acknowledge the choices of the parents as being the actions of people with probable mental health problems but the deafening silence of the pro-choice community response was disturbing.

He also pointed out the Miami abortion facility staff who put the body of a baby born after a botched abortion on the roof of the center to hide it from police

God I wasn't familiar with that one. That is so nasty and disturbing. It's beyond vile.

and the woman an who used scissors to cut open another woman's womb and steal her baby.

Horrible, hadn't heard.

"In the past two weeks the mainstream media has reported numerous acts of violence against pregnant women and their children both born and preborn," Clowes said.
"Over thirty years of pro-choice rhetoric has undermined the dignity of all life but pregnant women and their children are most at risk from pro-choice violence," Clowes added.

There was also the recent conviction of a pro-choice man who killed his girlfriend for not aborting their baby as he required.

"The recent news coverage of violence against pregnant women and their children by abortionists and their pro-choice supporters underscores the dangers women are exposed to by pro-choice rhetoric," Clowes said in the statement.

If abortion were not legal I do believe those crimes against mothers who hesitate to abort would be less.

Clowes said his group will continue to highlight cases of abortion-related violence at its web site.


Blogger hunter said...

Very good post Hailey!!! I support it because it shows that it's not for life people who are violent, it's the against life ones that need to be reined in.

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