Saturday, January 26, 2008

The National Post in the wake of a milestone abortion anniversary in Canada outlines some of the thoughts of people on both sides of this issue.

Ms. Mountenay, who would later be sued by Dr. Morgentaler for offering "sidewalk counselling" to patients outside this same clinic, was crushed. Having aborted two pregnancies of her own, to her profound regret, she wept at the thought that more women would see abortion as a "quick and easy fix," and wind up as she was, mourning her unborn children, cursing her naivete.

"I'll never forget the night," she said yesterday.

Denise is is the founder and president of Canada Silent No More. She is the author of FORGIVEN which is her own journey. It became a best seller. She has carried her message about the pain of her abortion to schools, conferences, prisons, churches, and to television and radio.

The article also profiles Andrew Mrozek

"I'm almost embarrassed, still sometimes, to be public on the issue," said Andrea Mrozek, 31, who has commemorated the anniversary by launching a new non-religious support group and Web forum, ProWomanProLife, to discuss the dangers of and alternatives to abortion

Andrea Mrozek is Manager of Research and Communications at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, which complies research from the perspective of people that want to change the definition of marriage to the traditional historical one.

The article also profiles the words of Joanne Byfield

Joanne Byfield, president of Life Canada, said in a phone interview she thinks Canadians are too often ignorant and complacent after a full generation with easy access to abortions and little critical public discussion, but also that this is changing. "I think people are questioning abortion," she said


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