Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Planned Parenthood-Endorsed Book for Young Children too “Sexually Explicit” for Prisoners

WASHINGTON, November 28, 2007 ( – Excerpts from a sexually explicit book published for children aged eight to thirteen have been banned from Internet sites and from a Washington state prison for its “inappropriate content”. The book includes graphic depictions of genitalia, different forms of contraception, tampons and menstrual pads, and depicts people engaged in sex. It explains non-vaginal sex such as oral and anal sex. It has little to say about virginity (the word does not appear in the index), abstinence or chastity.

As a tool of the homosexual movement, it has been endorsed for its usefulness in that it describes homosexuality and bisexuality as simply other ways of being and goes on to explain that although some people feel hate towards homosexuals, such opinions are based on misinformation. The book attacks the religious objection to masturbation, saying, “Some religions call masturbation a sin, but masturbating cannot hurt you.” This is followed by illustrations and instructions.

The book is “It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health”, was published in 1996 for children aged eight to thirteen and is under fire again from pro-life and pro-family advocates. It is strongly endorsed by Planned Parenthood as a means of teaching children that whatever sexual activity they would like to engage in is “perfectly normal”. It explains how to use contraception and endorses abortion and the medically discredited “safe sex” propaganda to avoid sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. Its author, Robie Harris, was on Planned Parenthood’s national board of advocates.

“It's Perfectly Normal” was included in the American Library Association's list of “most frequently challenged books of 2005” for “homosexuality, nudity, sex education, religious viewpoint, abortion and being unsuited to age group.” It ranked #15 in the Association’s list of “100 most frequently challenged books 1990-2000”.

“How can anyone claim that this book is appropriate for 10 year olds?” asked Jim Sedlak, vice-president for American Life League.

The comments follow revelations a few months ago that a Washington State prison rejected a letter that included images from the book on the grounds that they are too “sexually explicit” and “obscene” to be allowed in the prison.

Last week American Life League posted a video report about the book on several Internet sites. That report was removed from three of these sites,, and for "inappropriate content," and flagged on for viewers over 18.

The video report asks, “If these images are too obscene for adult prisoners, why are they good for ten year-old children?”

“We are calling for libraries, schools and parents all across the country to take similar action," Sedlak concluded. "Planned Parenthood should be denied access to our children at all times. The material it promotes is totally inappropriate and could be harmful."

View a report by American Life League: ;


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