Thursday, September 06, 2007

Whispers from heaven: A song for healing

I would caution those who look at the video that the latter part gets rather graphic and persons with sensitive spirits may wish to not complete the video.

This song is called Whispers from heaven. It is a song for women who have had abortions. It is apparently sung at retreats where abortion healing is addressed.

The woman who shared this song had an abortion. Her daughter who died is Elizabeth. She would have turned 21 in August 2007. Elizabeth's mother carries with her a daily loss and that loss is shared by her own parents - Elizabeth's Grandparents - who have that void.

Elizabeth's mother shares that she never got to experience first steps, first words, etc.

This song was originally a poem written by a nun and when the person sharing this video first heard it she felt that she heard the voice of her daughter for the first time.


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