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Abortion protestors help nab accused rapist

Hat tip to the American thinker for discussing this important issue.

Aboriton protestors help nab accused rapist
Via the blog
Alabama Liberation Front, I learned that
...a child molester was apprehended after he was photographed at an abortion clinic—where he took the victim, to get rid of the evidence—by a couple of pro-life activists.
It’s an amazing story, not least because the St. Louis-area abortion mill in question dares call itself “Hope Clinic for Women.” Abortion is the negation of hope.
original story from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is full of what Borat might call “cultural learnings from US and A.”
One of many dirty little secrets of the abortion industry is that it serves to cover up evidence of the crime of rape of underage victims in far too many cases. When a predatory male impregnates an underage girl, the blessing he counts is not the gift of life but Roe v. Wade. A quiet abortion without parental consent or knowledge is just the thing to remove the incriminating evidence of a serious crime.
So-called women’s advocates love to demionize abortion clinic protestors. But certain protesters in Arkansas turned out to have evidence of rape.
Detective Jimmy Long, an investigator in Bryant, Ark., was building a case on a man suspected of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl. Long had a tip that the man got her pregnant and brought her to the Hope Clinic for Women here for an abortion. That happens to be where Daniel and Angela Michael have camped out for years photographing just about every car that comes in the parking lot. As founders of Small Victories Ministries, they oppose abortion.
This week, Long stumbled across the couple while doing an Internet search on the clinic. “When I called them, I thought my chances were slim to none,” Long said in a telephone interview. “But I called anyway. And it turns out they had them.”
Abortion mills always say that they ask an underage “client” if the pregnancy was the result of rape.
But the clinic has safeguards to protect teenagers, she said.“If a teenager lets on to us that something of this nature is occurring, we’re absolutely going to notify the authorities,” she said.The clinic asks a patient three times if the pregnancy is the result of rape. If it is, clinic officials respond, Burgess said.
With the rapist present (he is after all usually paying for the “procedure”), and with the child fearful of parental knowledge in most cases, just asking is not likely to produce meaningful results. When a child beneath the age of consent seeks an aboriton, it seems to me that there is a presumption that a crime has been committed.
I await further information on the reaction of NARAL and NOW to the uncovering of this alleged rapist. After all, don’t they want to protect women?
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Blogger jnett777 said...

If you read the articles on Angela Michael's (Small Victories) website, she gives praise to her ... not to GOD and are twisted half truths. She has alienated most of her past supporters by the telling of lies (On the Small Victories website it shows pictures of past supporters. Most of these people now denounce her) She really goes after a black preacher by the name of John because he rebuked her. She never had a problem with him before that. Now she tells everyone he screams hate, which in reality is the Gospel of Christ. She causes arguments to occur between different churches that participate at the clinic. She has never supported the fact the she is a nurse. Just tells everyone she is. Do a Google search on her using the title "The Real Angela Michael" or go to You will understand. Always research people before you support them. She has been taken money for years from people..... Not everyone that says Lord, Lord, is of GOD.

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