Sunday, October 08, 2006

"On Rush Limbaugh yesterday, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert said, 'We took care of Mr. Foley. We found out about it and asked him to resign.' Yeah, a year later. That's not just slow, that's FEMA slow." --Jay Leno

What Mr. Foley did was despicable. What appears to be some real evidence that colleagues covered up for him is even more shameful. What is the most shameful though is the "responsibility" that is being taken for this travesty.

While people say they are sorry and acknowledge they could have done better there is always a cushioning of that apology....
blaming the news media for being liberal....
blaming the news media for the timing of the story...
blaming the Democrats for the story coming out...


the news media and the democrats are not responsible for Mr. Foley's sexual habits or his text messaging

the news media and the democrats aren't responsible for the timing - if those in power had dealt with it swiftly about a year ago the timing wouldn't BE close to an election.

The Republicans chose to sweep it under the carpet.
The Republicans chose to embrace a member with these kind of criminal choices.
The Republicans chose to blame everyone else but Mr. Foley.


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